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Websites Designed to Make the Phone Ring

Looks count, but conversion is KING. Not only do we test hundreds of our own websites to see which ones convert, but we pay thousands to see results of other web masters’ tests. The slightest change in your design can either squash conversion or increase it by 600%. Which would you prefer?

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Razor Sharp Lawyer SEO that Google Cannot Resist

With ApricotLaw, SEO is a three step process: keyword research, landing page creation, and SILOing. You get the most valuable phrases into your site with perfectly built landing pages, then we interlink them in a very specific way to allow every drop of link juice to flow where it’s needed most.

LawBlogr™ & Social Media Syndication to Reach More of Your Perfect Clients

Lawyers don’t have time to write three 1000+ articles per week, and even the best writers don’t know the law as well as attorneys. Choose your topic from 1000s of commonly searched questions currently found in legal chatrooms, blogs, and social media, and we’ll transcribe a 60 minute phone or Skype interview and publish it on your site and all social media profiles.

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Website Content that Positions YOU as the Authority

Some marketing firms say don’t worry about your website text, but if you were looking for someone to protect your future, your rights, and all of your possessions, wouldn’t you read 600+ words of website text to see who you’re dealing with? We like to start your website with about 100 pages of top level content.

Pure POWER Link Building Will Have Your Competition Begging for Mercy

The only way to increase your rank, beat out your competitors, and attract the best leads is through continual link acquisition from authoritative websites in your exact niche. ApricotLaw, experts in the legal industry, has more than enough juice to send you to the top. In fact, it’s our unique selling proposition and what we do best.

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Lightning Fast Websites Means More Clients and Cases

Page load times should be under seconds…any longer and you’re losing visitors. Plus, faster websites get better Google ranking.

We’re always racing websites to see which one gets the cheese. Migrating your website to the fastest host is part of our offer, so you’ll be on the fast track in no time.

Personal Reporting So You Always Know Where You Stand

From content, to information architecture, to link building, to onsite SEO, there are numerous factors that impact how well you rank and convert visitors into clients. ApricotLaw monitors and reports on all metrics on a weekly basis (most companies report monthly). We believe frequent testing and reporting is the best way to increase your ROI.

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Customer Service

On a whole, SEO changes monthly. Where your website appears in search engine results changes daily. With such inherent turbulence, you deserve to only speak with people that are in the trenches and know what’s going on. We pride ourselves in being by your side every step of the way. You’ll feel like you have your own Internet Marketing department right down the hall.

What Sets Us Apart

The Other Guys ApricotLaw…
Use quick copy/paste onsite SEO tag writing which results in duplicate content penalties ApricotLaw hand writes all of your law firm SEO, and every bit of content is original and of the highest standards, because you want more clicks from people that are searching for exactly what you offer.
Offer cookie cutter link building services like directory listings and article submissions ApricotLaw designs & executes very complex and bulletproof link building campaigns, so your website gets a safe layer of protection, as well as the proper nutrients it needs in it’s current stage of development, because you want to achieve better rankings while staying insulated from changes in Google’s search algorithm.
Shoot into the dark and hope to hit something ApricotLaw analyzes your website and backlink profile & all of your competitors’ websites and backlink profiles before sending you a project proposal, so all pages & keywords are measured on a multiple of attributes to determine all pertinent website strengths and weaknesses, because you want to know exactly what it’s going to take to win in your law specialty and location(s).
Price their service on their website design ApricotLaw services are priced on website content publishing and link building, so you’re investing specifically in the nutrients provided to your website which brings you more visitors and helps you reach your firm’s business goals, because even a simply designed website with the right nutrients can compete with any authority in the market and win.
Their link building campaigns are typically “set it and forget it” ApricotLaw Internet engineers analyze and adjust your link building diet on a monthly basis, so you can be sure your website is getting the exact nutrients it needs in the exact time it needs it, because you want to maximize your ROI, and get the most visitors possible in the shortest amount of time.
Offer limited link building strategy insight. ApricotLaw has one of the most comprehensive thought leadership programs in the industry, so you can stay up to speed with free webinars, videos, a smartphone app, blog posts, whitepapers, and reports, because our best clients are the most informed ones.
Has “account managers” who are most interested in meeting sales quotas ApricotLaw is made up of Internet engineers, only, so everyone you speak with at ApricotLaw is a Lawyer SEO freak and will give you the real data without sales pitch, because you don’t like talking to someone giving canned responses read from a computer screen.
Outsource their SEO & link building overseas. ApricotLaw’s services are homegrown and in-house, so you will always speak with a law firm SEO expert who is working on your campaign, because our clients feel better knowing we are working hard for the success of their website instead of simply sending the work overseas and counting our profits.

Gain an Entirely New Kind of Power

Your perfect clients are directed to the top 10 law firm websites on Google. All other law firms starve. At ApricotLaw, we help law firms win online, because at our core, we are a highly competitive team of Internet engineers. Our mission is to help a select group of law firms completely dominate their markets and feast on the lion’s share of profitable clients and cases.

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Enter a Whole New Era for Website Authority

You are what you eat:

Law firm websites need proper nutrition to climb in rank just like olympic athletes need proper nutrition to reach optimum performance. Top level athletes need all their essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates. Top ranking sites need a healthy back link profile: well-balanced, diverse, relevant, authoritative, and with the correct anchor text ratio. Get B-12 shots for your law firm website ranking.

Formulated for strength and accuracy, ApricotLaw’s Website Nutrition incorporates a series of remarkable feats, combining content creation and publishing, into an entirely new process.

The right nutrients when you need them most:

Our Internet engineers analyze and adjust your link building diet on a monthly basis, so you can be sure your website is getting the exact nutrients it needs in the exact time it needs it, because you want to maximize your ROI and get the best rankings in the shortest amount of time possible. Over time, you’ll compete with any authority in the market, and win, so you can live a better life doing more of what you do best.

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