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Better Law Firm SEO, Greater ROI

Better Law Firm SEO, Greater ROI

ApricotLaw is recognized as one of the top law firm Internet marketing firms in America by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

ApricotLaw Loves to Win Online

Attorneys who have struggled with other SEO companies will tell you how good it feels to finally be on top.


“Our website was penalized by Google and nowhere to be found online. We hired ApricotLaw, they built us a brand-new site, and now we’re at the top for over 100 of our best keywords. The people at ApricotLaw are very sharp and a pleasure to work with.”

Lonny Levitz – Personal Injury Lawyer


“Many SEO experts come in and make you all sorts of promises, but at the end of the day, it comes down to results. And we’ve been very, very happy with the results with ApricotLaw. We’re number one and number two for the most competitive terms in our industry.”

Rob Greenstein – Personal Injury Lawyer


“When ApricotLaw showed me what they were going to do, it totally set them apart from the others. I felt good about them right from the beginning and have had a great relationship working with them along the way. They are really among the finest people I’ve worked with.”

Oak Norton – Personal Injury Law Firm


“I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with ApricotLaw. When I Google my keywords, I see my site towards the top of the results and sometimes multiple times on the first page. I’m getting calls and signing new clients every month as a direct result of their work.”

Larry Brock – Family Lawyer


“I’ve worked with several law firm SEO companies, but they simply did not deliver on their promises. ApricotLaw stepped in and pushed me into the top spots for the most competitive personal injury AND criminal defense keywords in Sacramento, California.

Hendrick Crowell – Personal Injury & Criminal Defense


“Let me start by saying awesome job on everything so far. It looks like we’re sticking on Page 1 for Miami Car Accident Lawyer, the website looks amazing, and the content is very impressive. I can confidently say that I have one of the nicest websites for a personal injury lawyer in South Florida.”

Boris Lavent – Personal Injury Lawyer


“I was doing great until a Google update. My rankings went from #3 to #83. My business was doomed until one day, I contacted ApricotLaw. Today, I rank extremely well for the keywords I requested. I would definitely recommend them to everyone except my competitors.”

James Medows – Criminal Defense Lawyer


“We have seen a big uptick in the amount of calls/leads. I would estimate we received 5 calls last week and signed up 3 of those. Thank you, guys!”

Nick Kohan – Personal Injury Lawyer

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ApricotLaw does much more than websites and SEO . . .

We Build Law Firms

  • Website Design & Build

    Redesign & Overhaul

    Conversion Optimization

    Content Writing


  • Organic Google Ranking

    Onsite Search Engine Optimization

    Google Maps Optimization

    Authority Building

    Tracking, Reporting, Analytics

  • Advertising and Marketing

    eBook and Email Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Facebook Advertising

    Ad Retargeting

Get Special Attention and Better Results

We’re eight law firm marketing experts that love what we do.

Tom Desmond
CEO & Co-Founder
Don’t let his mellow exterior fool you. Tom thinks law firm marketing is a full-contact sport. He wears a helmet to work.
Philip Stancil
On-Page SEO Specialist
Philip, a top-level developer, optimizes websites for search engine traffic by making every page pull its weight with Google.
Nick Kringas
President & Co-Founder
The undisputed heavyweight champion and most dangerous player in the ultra-competitive game of law firm SEO.
Lindsay Bridges
Social Media Manager
When you see a company popping up everywhere you look, it’s because they have someone like Lindsay working for them—only not as hardcore.
Sean Wichert, Sr.
Lead Developer
“The Flash” makes sure your new website is trendy, fast, and looks beautiful on all devices before most developers can hit ``send.``
Glenroy Boatswain
Technical SEO Specialist
Plugins crash, websites go down, hosting fails—it’s the nature of the beast. Glen is on call 24/7 to jump in and make things right, quickly.
Willie Neil
Managing Editor
Before publishing a word on your site, every syllable must pass through and be approved by Willie, the sharpest tool in the shed.
Brian Tines
Private Network Manager
Brian manages our internal network of over 500 very powerful legal niche sites, which team Apricot collectively refers to as ``The Death Star.``

Why You Should Choose ApricotLaw for Law Firm Internet Marketing

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    Raw Ranking Power

    The only way to outrank your competition and capture the best leads is through continual link acquisition from authoritative and relevant Web pages. After years of analyzing law firm websites, our ranking reports prove that there isn’t another law firm SEO company that can match ApricotLaw’s link-building power.

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    Direct Communication, Zero Sales Reps

    Everyone at ApricotLaw is a hardcore law firm SEO developer, because nobody needs sales rep fluff. You’ll get direct communication with the owners and team members, so you’ll know exactly what’s being done for ranking and conversion.

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    Reputation for Excellence

    ApricotLaw was recently recognized as one of the top law firm Internet marketing firms in America by the National Trial Lawyers Association because they see our clients popping up everywhere they look, so you know you’re making the right choice for your law firm SEO.

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    Agile and Effective

    ApricotLaw is the perfect size with permanent long-term team members who are all lawyer SEO experts doing what they love, so each part of your campaign gets the complete white-glove treatment.

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    Focused on Winning

    We bring on one law firm at a time, so you can be sure you’re getting the special attention you deserve. We analyze the law firm websites and backlink profiles of your competitors, so we know exactly what is required to outrank them and bring you the lion’s share of cases.

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    Custom Campaigns

    Your link-building campaign gets analyzed and adjusted on a weekly basis (set it and forget it—like most companies do—does not work), so you can be sure your law firm’s website is getting the right amount of power it needs at the exact time it needs it.

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    Beat out your competition by being the only law firm in your location to receive the benefits of our dedication and attention. Our goal is to have one winning ApricotLaw client in every city, ranked in the top 3 for their most valuable keywords and getting the best traffic and conversions.

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    Your investment goes where it’s needed most: Content, Ranking, Targeted Traffic, and Conversion (not sales commissions or office rent). You don’t pay for anything that isn’t directly affecting your bottom line.

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    Cancel Anytime

    Make no mistake, we work very hard to make everyone happy, and we have a very high retention rate, but if you need to leave, we understand. ApricotLaw does not require law firms to sign long contracts.

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    It's All Yours

    Your website, content, images, blogs, social media accounts, directory profiles, web 2.0 accounts and properties, infographics, ebooks and drip campaigns, hosting, and domains all belong to you. We do not hold your marketing materials hostage. It’s all yours. You can leave us at anytime at no risk to your firm.

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    ApricotLaw has the most comprehensive thought leadership program in law firm SEO. You can stay up to speed with videos, blog posts, newsletters, and reports, because our best clients are the most informed ones.

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