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While most of the world went remote simultaneously in 2020, ApricotLaw was born remote in 2013. You need a team that’s been remote for over a decade. Not one that has you wondering if people are actually working.

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apricotlaw core values

Our core values define everything we do. That's why every ApricotLaw team member must exemplify each value every day: BKW in the 1.2.3.; Tell It Like It Is; Rip It Apart, Get It Right!; Team-First Mindset; and RAGE!  We're as committed to these core values as we are to our clients—100 percent.

bkw in the 123

We have a maniacal focus on results. That means getting clients’ best keywords (BKWs) in the first, second, and third spots in the Google SERPs.

tell it like it is

We’re committed to radical candor for the good of our team and clients. We give direct, candid feedback in a constructive, positive manner.

rip it apart, get it right

When something isn’t working or could be done better, we’re not afraid to rip it apart and rebuild it to get it right. No room for big egos.

team first mindset

Team member communication and trust have helped us build a rock-solid team that gets the results our clients won’t find anywhere else.


We go hard and love to win. We’re highly productive people who love doing great work. RAGE blasts us through roadblocks and propels us to the top.

ApricotLaw founders

nick kringas president & CEO

Nick is very competitive when it comes to pushing clients’ sites to the top. Nick got hooked on SEO after ranking his family restaurant’s website at the #1 spot for the extremely broad term “Greek restaurant”. His passion grew and drew him into the ever-changing world of SEO.

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