Jul 16, 2015

Authority and SEO

When you hear search engine optimization experts talk about authority, we’re referring to how much weight a particular website has behind it in the search engines.

A high-authority site is one that has plenty of links to it because people trust it to provide valuable information. Examples include sites such as Harvard.edu and WhiteHouse.gov.

The two types of authority that most SEO experts discuss arepage authority and domain authority.

Page Authority and SEO

Page authority predicts where a page will rank within search engines. We look at your page authority to find out how competitive your website is; it gives us a picture of what your competitors are doing, too, so we can make sure your site is doing it even better.

Domain Authority and SEO

Domain authority is a signal of how strong your entire domain is when compared to other, similar websites. A powerful website has a high domain authority, and at the same time, any of its pages are more likely to rank in the search engines than pages with low domain authority. A high domain authority is a sign that others trust your website to provide high quality, reliable information.

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