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What are Target Keyword Landing Pages?

May 19, 2015

The only way we’ve been able to consistently rank each of our Platinum Clients for hundreds of Lawyer searches, is by publishing hundreds of pages of content on their websites. Without webpages properly optimized for...


The Content Marketing Road Map – Great Read Over at CMI

May 12, 2015

In his recent article, The Content Marketing Road Map - How to Build Your Own Content Marketing Plan, Michael Brenner lists 7 factors to content marketing success. They are: Document your content strategy.  Put someone in charge....


The Quality Update: Google Confirms Changing How Quality Is Assessed, Resulting In Rankings Shake-Up

May 08, 2015

It’s not your imagination. Google’s results have changed since the beginning of this month, and Google’s officially confirmed to Search Engine Land that this is due to a change with how it assesses content quality....


[VIDEO] Is Your Law Firm Transactional or Transformational?

May 07, 2015

One of the greats, Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach describes the huge difference between being transactional and being transformational in your business (or law firm). Watch the short video and let's discuss below. This is...


ApricotLaw Lawyer SEO Results: Google Ranking BEFORE and AFTER Snapshot

Mar 17, 2015

This Personal Injury Firm decided to partner with ApricotLaw back in May 2014. The Before column of this snapshot was taken two months after signing with ApricotLaw. The firm's search engine visibility was even less than...


Set-and-Forget Way to Automatically and Regularly Turn Your Legal Blog Into a PDF Newsletter with Live Authority Backlinks

Feb 05, 2015

This is one of my favorite topics. Creating useful content for the persona of your ideal client and then sharing that content everywhere is one of the most powerful marketing strategies you can employ. In...


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