Nov 09, 2021

Content Refreshing: How to Earn Traffic by Updating Old Content

The kind of content you publish on your website will determine what kind of clients you get and how many people will utilize your website. It will also determine the performance your website will get when people search topics on Google and other search engines. You might be thinking you have to completely redo your website or make all new content. This isn’t true. Simply refreshing old content and making it current can increase your website traffic

Why Do I Need to Refresh Old Content? 

If you see website traffic dropping, you might be tempted to just write new content. This can be time-consuming or costly if you choose to have another person write for you. However, updating content uploaded a few months or years ago can be just as effective at increasing traffic as making new content. 

Keywords, content, and Google algorithms change over time, so you need to make sure your content stays up to date with current keywords, relevant content, and best practices for ranking. Google constantly updates the rating scores, and the highest rated will show at the top of the page when someone searches a particular topic. 

Refreshing your content will help bring your site to the top of the search engine results, which is exactly how new clients will find your online presence.

How Do I Refresh My Content?

Refreshing content might seem complicated, but there are a few simple steps and protocols you can use. Hiring a professional digital marketing firm will prevent you from making SEO mistakes while keeping your content and SEO practices up to date will maximize your SEO efforts and save you time. 

Make Sure to Check Your Links 

Websites and links change all the time. Some of the links you previously included on your website might not be valid anymore or might have an error page when clicked on. You don’t want a reader to click a link on your page only to receive a 404 error.

Go through the links on your pages, both external and internal, and ensure they still lead to the page you want. 

Broken multimedia can be extremely harmful to your website, especially when it comes to lawyer sites. Ensure all your photos and videos still work properly and don’t have broken text. 

Using Apricot Law to Help 

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