Divorce Lawyer Website Design and SEO

If you’re like most divorce lawyers, SEO is important to you—but you don’t have the time (or the patience) to slog through hundreds of pages of advice to find one or two gems.

Divorce lawyer SEO is a bit different from what you’ll find in any other field. You need strategic link building, an unbeatable design, and plenty of content that funnels search engine traffic right to your website.

The job isn’t over when you get people to your site. You need to inspire confidence in your readers. You need to have content that conveys your strengths as an attorney while making it all about the reader.

Whether they want to learn about child custody, child support or visitation, you’re the one with all the answers. You’re the go-to professional when it comes to marital support, domestic violence and everything else related to divorce.

Can you do all that yourself while you’re working on cases, appearing in court and trying to manage a little bit of personal time during days that just seem to get shorter and shorter?

The Secret to Family Law SEO

We’re going to let you in on a little secret.

SEO is not black magic.

It’s just math.

You increase the metrics and you win. Period.

The Truth About Most Divorce Lawyers

Lots of divorce lawyers hang up a shingle on the Internet and figure that clients will come. It really would be that easy if you were the only family law firm in town… but you’re not. You’re competing against the established firm down the street, the new guy who’s eager to get his name out there, and everybody in-between.

Is Your Firm Getting Results?

If you’re already coming out on top of the competition and nobody is nipping at your heels, you don’t need us. We’re interested in overtaking people in your position on the search engine results pages, or SERPs.

If you’re not in the top spot when someone searches for a divorce lawyer, SEO is your best chance of getting there.

That’s why you need ApricotLaw.

What ApricotLaw Will Do for You

We love to win.

ApricotLaw is the most competitive SEO company in the legal market, and our track record is proof of that.

We’re careful about the firms we choose to work with because we are law firm SEO experts.

We only take one firm per practice area per city so that we can deliver genuine results to each of our clients.

We’ll even give you a complimentary consultation, and what we’ll accomplish in that short time might surprise you:

         We’ll spy on your hottest competition.

We want to find out what’s working for them so we can make it part of your plan—and we want to expound on it and do it better than they’re doing it.

We’ll come up with keywords that you need to target.

That way we know we’ll be attracting the right clients when we put your plan into action.

We’ll uncover possible problems with your website.

That way, if something is keeping you stuck in the mud, you can correct the problem or stop throwing away your money on a dead site.

ApricotLaw ranks hundreds of landing pages for each of our clients, and that’s absolutely essential if you want to be the first name people think of when they need an attorney.

The numbers don’t lie; winning online is about being relevant for search terms, and above that, it’s about being stronger than your competitors are for those terms.

We live and breathe divorce attorney SEO, and we’ve analyzed thousands of attorney websites in more than 150 cities. We have dozens of videos on law firm SEO and marketing, a book, and plenty of case studies to show you how we can make a huge difference for your firm.

The ApricotLaw Difference

We deliver a better return-on-investment than pay-per-click advertising. For would cost you to hire one employee to sit in your office, you get eight high-level web experts that specialize in Internet marketing—the one thing you need right now.

When you come on-board with ApricotLaw, you get the individualized attention that only a powerful boutique niche firm can offer; everyone in our company knows every detail of your campaign, and everybody knows you by name.

This is a no-brainer—if we can help you, we will.

Stop spinning your wheels and hoping for the best.

If we aren’t already under contract with a Divorce Lawyer in your geographical area, and if it looks like we can work together, we’ll pull you up to where you need to be.

Call us at 877-203-0751.

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