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[VIDEO] How much is your web traffic worth?

Jul 15, 2021

 Did you know your web traffic has a dollar value? A few of our clients have reached the $500,000 per month mark. What’s your website’s value? What’s this super short video to learn more about website traffic value $$$!!! P.S. If your traffic value is not where you want it to be, schedule a […]


5 SEO Trends Your Law Firm Should Be Using in 2021

Jun 24, 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains the leading source of organic traffic for both small and large businesses. Search engine users are more likely to click on organic results compared to paid ads on search engine results pages (SERPs), which means that you should be investing time and money in law firm SEO. Search engine trends, […]


[VIDEO] More Powerful Than Guest Posts for Ranking Your Law Firm

Jun 10, 2021

 You’ve heard of guest posts. You likely know how effective they are in helping your website rank. Here’s a quicker way to improve your law firm’s SEO – rank better, increase domain authority and other metrics. These are like traditional guest posts but with a powerful twist. They’re called Link Insertions. P.S. If you’d […]


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