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[VIDEO] Why Transparent SEO Pricing

Jan 20, 2022

 At ApricotLaw, we created Transparent SEO Pricing in response to the pandemic. We believe this solves the biggest issue with hiring an SEO agency today – investing the same amount each month and not really knowing what work is being performed. In this video, Apricot’s Head of Client Experience, Kellen Bachman, explains why we […]


[VIDEO] Apricot Web Design – Custom Site or Theme Site?

Jan 13, 2022

 At ApricotLaw, we get the following question often. What’s the difference between your fully custom websites and your theme sites? In this video, Apricot’s Head of Client Experience, Kellen Bachman, shows the differences and why you might go with one over the other. P.S. If you’re not happy with the way your website looks […]


[VIDEO CLIP] Our Directory Buildout Process

Jan 06, 2022

 In this video, Kellen Bachman, Apricot’s Head of Client Experience, walks you through our directory buildout process. We do this for every client because it’s the key to a solid SEO foundation. If you want your law firm’s website to gain more visibility online, you have to get this right. P.S. If you have […]


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