Oct 06, 2020

How Can Website Design Help My Law Firm?

Making a great first impression is key for many people looking for a law firm to work with. But it’s not just your content and your rank on Google that decides whether people will work with you. Your website design can make a difference to visitors and potential clients. 

But how can website design help your law firm, specifically? Below are a few principles we follow when designing your website. By considering what your clients may be looking for in a website, we can help you design a website that converts clients and supports your law firm. 

Accessibility for Clients 

When a client clicks on your website, they want clear, easy-to-read steps and answers for their most pressing questions. They may have just been through a difficult life experience, and a website that’s not very accessible can be a major hurdle for them. Worse, people with disabilities may be unable to use your site or navigate it easily. 

Your website designer should take in these considerations when designing your site. By making your site easier to read and navigate, you have a better chance of keeping readers on the page. Then, you have a better chance to make those readers into clients. 

Promoting Your Law Firm Brand 

Your website design should promote and mesh well with your branding. Your website designers can use your logo, logo colors, and other parts of your brand throughout the site. That means more opportunities for potential clients to recognize your brand and convert to clients. 

For example, you may use coordinating colors and include your logo on your site. These may seem like small steps, but branding your website can make a big difference. Clashing design elements can be just as noticeable and confusing as clashing information in your content for readers, so a cohesive website design is a key part of your branding. 

Boosting Conversion

When people look at your website, their criteria for conversion doesn’t begin and end with the testimonials. Maybe you have a long list of satisfied customers, but if your website is outdated, tough to navigate, and confusing, it can hurt your chances of conversion. Nearly half of the people in one Stanford study said a professional design made them more likely to choose that company.

A beautiful, professional website tells people visually that you mean business. But if your website hasn’t received that level of attention and care, it can be tough to convert visitors into clients. 

Connect with a Legal Website Design Company

Optimizing your website’s content and links for ranking and traffic are key parts of a successful website, but website design can help your law firm succeed, too. If your potential clients can’t navigate the page, how will you convert them into clients? 

Luckily, the designers at ApricotLaw can help. We have tools to make beautiful, fast, responsive websites for your firm. If you’re ready to build a great website, give us a call at 877-203-0751 or fill out the online form below to schedule your free consultation. 

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