Law Firm Video Marketing

ApricotLaw can provide your law firm with a comprehensive video marketing strategy. We don’t just help you film your videos—we help you identify what type of video content you need and where it needs to go, whether that’s on your website or on other platforms such as YouTube.

Video production is an often-overlooked element of digital marketing that can help your firm break away from the pack. There are two compelling reasons that you can’t afford to neglect incorporating videos into your website: search engine optimization and user engagement.

The Effect Videos Have On Search Engine Optimization

More and more, Google and other search engines are increasingly favoring sites that provide a variety of useful, relevant media. While well-made, fully optimized text-based content is at the core of SEO, embedding a video on your top landing pages can dramatically increase your organic rankings.

This isn’t just because Google likes to see these elements, either. Bounce rate (how often visitors quickly leave your page to go back to the search results) also has a significant impact on your organic rankings. If visitors only stay on your page for a few moments before bouncing, Google will decide that users aren’t finding what they need on your site and drop you in the rankings.

By adding a video to your most important pages, you can prevent visitors from bouncing. When users land on your page and click on the video, they stay on the site longer, which is something that Google loves to see.

User Engagement

Videos can do more than just lower your bounce rate, however: They can also convert site visitors into leads. When people look for a lawyer, they’re looking for someone with experience and who they can connect with.

A well-made video will give your site’s visitors the opportunity to get to know your firm in a way that is completely pressure-free. The more comfortable a prospect feels with you, the more likely he or she is to schedule that initial consultation.

Professionally made videos are also a great way to establish your authority in the field. Videos establish your firm’s success in the minds of viewers. They also give you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge and experience with the subject matter the user is looking for information on.

Your Attorney Video Marketing Solution

ApricotLaw will help you create all of the videos your site needs. In addition to the essential videos that introduce your firm, we’ll help you identify the core issues that your site’s visitors are interested in so that your video marketing speaks directly to their concerns.

Video packages from ApricotLaw include all of the following:

  • Introducing your firm
  • Attorney and team member profiles
  • Key practice areas
  • Testimonials and case reviews
  • FAQ videos that hone in on topics of key interest to visitors

We’ll send a professional to your office or other location of choice to shoot all your videos. It’s important that you’re comfortable during the shoot, and we won’t take up any more of your time than absolutely necessary.

Once the videos are ready, we’ll also set you up with a YouTube channel freshly stocked with your new content (or add it to your preferred existing YouTube channel). As with all of the content ApricotLaw produces, you own all of your videos. We provide the tools your firm needs to succeed, and we help you use them in the most effective way possible.

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