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Pay-per-click services for law firms can boost your site’s visibility, even if your website isn’t ranking yet. Talk to an SEO company about your opportunities for law firm PPC.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term game. While it’s a powerful tool, it can take time to get your pages ranking in the top spots. But as a law firm, you may not have the time to wait for those rankings. You need to see results so your law firm can thrive.

Lawyer PPC can help you boost your traffic now, getting the attention of potential clients while your site climbs in the rankings. These services can get expensive, but with an SEO company like ApricotLaw, you can make the most of your PPC budget.

What Is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of marketing where advertisers pay every time someone clicks their ad. These ads show up in search engine results in positions higher than normal website pages may be. Google includes your ad in the Ad Auction, which decides what ads appear on the page and in what locations. These details can determine where your ad appears and how much you’ll pay per click.

Lawyer PPC can help you be seen by potential clients, even if you’re not ranking yet. With the right budget, you may see results sooner than organic SEO results would provide. SEO can help your site rank over time and build useful, consistent traffic, while PPC for lawyers helps you get traffic moving sooner.

Budgeting for PPC

But building a PPC campaign isn’t a matter of putting your ad up and letting the clients roll in. If you’re not careful, PPC for lawyers can become more expensive than it’s worth. Paying hundreds or thousands of dollars when you’re getting clicks but no leads can hurt your finances.

That’s why a law firm SEO company that offers PPC is key to your online campaign. A PPC specialist understands how expensive PPC can be, and they can advise you on budgeting for your PPC campaign. If you’re working with a strict budget, your PPC specialist can build a campaign within that budget and optimize it. That gives you the most traffic for the least cost.

Talk to an SEO Company About PPC for Lawyers

When you’re building a website, it can take time to boost your traffic and build an audience. That’s time you may not want to spend waiting for results. Lawyer PPC can give your site the boost it needs while your long-term campaign is in progress.

With a law firm SEO company like ApricotLaw, you can build a PPC campaign that doesn’t break your budget, too. We can counsel you on your options for PPC and handle the details so you can focus on your clients. To learn more about the tools and services we offer, call 877-203-0751 or complete the online contact form below.

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