Is Location Exclusivity Important for SEO? 

If you’re a law firm looking to reach the top of Google’s search engine results, you may have a lot of competition in your market. Many other law firms also want to rank at the top, so you have to be better than them and have an SEO marketing team who can beat the competition.

If you hire an SEO company, they will often talk about location exclusivity. What this means is that the SEO company won’t work with any other law firms in your practice area in your market area. Why is this important? It comes down to a conflict of interest for the SEO marketing company, who would be trying to rank two different law firms for the same area. 

This is obviously not going to be good for you, because both law firms can’t be at the top. The SEO company would be essentially competing against themselves.

Does Location Exclusivity Impact SEO?

Your SEO company offering you exclusivity won’t necessarily increase your SEO efforts, but it does make sense from an ethical standpoint. You simply don’t want to work with a company that would also turn around and help your competition. 

For instance, if an SEO company decides to work with two family law firms in Chicago, how can they guarantee that they will put forth the same amount of effort in getting both firms to rank in a local search? If one of the law firms performs better than the other firm, won’t the losing firm feel like they are somehow being cheated?

You deserve to have an SEO marketing team that is 100 percent committed to getting your firm to rank—and no one else’s firm in your market. If you are approached by an SEO company that tells you location exclusivity isn’t important for SEO reasons, they’re right. If they tell you that location exclusivity isn’t important for other reasons, run far away.

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When you hire an SEO marketing company, you deserve their full attention and commitment. It would be completely counterproductive to have an SEO company that is helping your competition. 

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