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Considering a new digital marketing strategy for your law firm? Reach out for help building a campaign that gets your firm results.

These days, a strong billboard campaign or even commercials may not get you the clients you need as a law firm. Many people are cutting their cable for streaming services, and a billboard may not be enough to get people on your website. Many potential clients are turning to the internet for their law firm needs, and competing online is tough. 

Law firm digital marketing is a complex field, and it covers more than just search engine optimization, or SEO. Fortunately, ApricotLaw’s comprehensive digital marketing services can help you turn Google and other search engines into a well-oiled lead-generation machine for your business or website. We handle every aspect of your digital marketing campaign so you can focus on your clients. 

Why Focus on Digital Marketing? 

In America today, most households have a computer, and that number is only growing from here. The internet is a key tool for finding resources, guides, and services, and law firms are one of those services. Because of this, many people start their hunt for a lawyer by searching for keywords in a search engine like Google. If you’re not ranking well compared to your competitors for a given search term, you’re losing opportunities to redirect new potential clients to your website.

If you’re not focused on digital marketing, you may have a tough time competing with other law firms in your area. This means that if people using computers and smartphones can’t find your firm’s website on Google, you’re less likely to get leads for new cases. But with a digital marketing plan for your law firm, you can dominate the search results and get more traffic and leads than ever before. 

The science of optimizing your law firm’s website for organic search is known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. And while it’s only one of the many tools that digital marketers have in their repertoire, it’s one of the most important for lawyers looking to visualize their services in competitive markets. 

From the perspective of a business with an online presence, SEO is one of the highest ROI marketing activities that can be undertaken. 

Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Once you choose to work with a digital marketing team for your law firm, your next step is to plan your digital marketing strategy. But you may not have a website yet, and you may be worried about wasting your business’s time and money if you’re not experienced in this field. A wrong move could cost you without bringing in traffic to your law firm. 

For example, your law firm could be left with serious expenses if your pay-per-click, or PPC, ads are done incorrectly. These ads involve many small bids for ad space, and without a team to make the most of your budget, it could be costly and ineffective. 

Writing quality content for a fast, accessible, beautiful site is also vital. Your site is your first impression, and it can help you convert traffic into leads when your site ranks well. All these factors come into play to make up your digital marketing strategy.

Get in Touch with a Digital Marketing Team for Your Law Firm

But how are you supposed to juggle the complex strategy you need for law firm digital marketing and your work as a lawyer? Here’s the key—you don’t have to juggle them when you have a dedicated team of digital marketers for your marketing strategy. The team at ApricotLaw can help build your marketing campaign and put it in motion. Call 877-203-0751 or complete the online contact form below to learn more about our services. 

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