Lawyer Website Design

Ready for a beautiful site that represents your law firm? Reach out to a lawyer marketing company about your website design. 

Ranking for the top spots in Google and other popular search engines comes down to many factors. Your content, link building strategy, and social media all play a major role in how your site performs. But even the most high-quality content or link building won’t matter if your website isn’t functional, sleek, and accessible. 

At ApricotLaw, we provide lawyer website design options that represent your firm the way it should be. A beautiful custom website can help your website perform better and bring in more leads, so reach out for help when you’re concerned about ranking. 

What’s So Important About Website Design? 

Website design impacts how easily visitors can navigate your website. Let’s say your website is covered in clashing colors, hard-to-read text, and photos that don’t represent your firm. That can make it difficult for leads to seek consultations, and it means they’re more likely to bounce off your website. 

A poorly designed website may also be clunky and slow. If users have a hard time loading pages and accessing the information they need, they may seek out that information on another law firm’s page. 

Your website also represents your firm. It’s the first impression you make to potential clients, and that first impression could lead to a case. Why not make a good impression with a custom design that represents your firm properly? 

Form and Function in Website Design

Your lawyer website should do more than look good, though. Your website design should also be functional on every device. That means ensuring your design works not just on a desktop but also on a tablet screen and a phone screen. 

More people are relying on their phones for the internet than ever, and that number is growing. Because of this, your website isn’t necessarily ready for the public just because it looks good on a desktop. We can review your website on multiple screens, browsers, and operating systems to ensure your website design is functional for all traffic. 

How a Law Firm Website Designer Can Help

You may have considered doing that work yourself. Maybe you found a good deal on a website design where you can add your logo and get started now. But that website design may not be tailored to your needs. 

Making a beautiful, accessible, and functional website design can take time. A good lawyer website company has dedicated designers to make sure your website looks professional and works fast. They can also help you make changes to your site so your website stays sleek and functional. 

Talk to Us About Your Website Design

Your lawyer website design is a large part of your website’s success. Because of this, you may need the team at ApricotLaw to build you the functional, beautiful website your law firm needs. We offer unique websites with fast response times on every platform. Ready to learn more about our services? Call 877-203-0751 or complete the online form below for a free consultation. 

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