What Happens in Months 3 – 6?

What happens in Months 3, 4, 5 and 6 of a law firm marketing campaign?

The first 2 months of SEO are really to restructure your website and provide a good, healthy base of links and social signals. We don’t expect to crush it, yet. We do, however, expect to see some good results at the end of month 3.

Many people ask me what happens in months 3 – 6, so I decided to share this basic outline.

Monthly strategy during the 90 – 180 day period
Your metrics will change and improve every 4 – 6 weeks, and so should your law firm link building strategy. What we do (what you get) each week in months 3 – 6 will vary according to what your link profile needs at the time of the analysis and how Google responds to what we’re doing, because repeating the same linking building strategy every month will never work.

Tasks Performed Every Month During the 30 – 180 Day Period

  • Publish new landing pages every month and optimize for search
  • Build high quality links to improve Trust Flow (TF), Page Authority (PA), link velocity, link diversity, and relevance scores
  • Check anchor text ratios and adjust accordingly
  • ApricotSocial: Social Media Management and Enhanced Syndication
  • Conversion tracking and full weekly reporting

Expectations during the 90 – 180 day period:
This is an exciting time, because although we don’t like to promise a very high percentage of top 3 rankings, some amazing things do happen. Our clients say they start getting leads in months 3, 4, and 5 even though they may not be in the #1 spot for their best keywords, yet. We’re happy, but we don’t pop open the Champagne bottles before 90% of your phrases are in the top 3.

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