The SEO Strategy Letter

Welcome to the SEO phase!

It’s time to get your site to the top of the rankings so that you can start getting the types of cases and leads you want.

To get things started, we’ll be sending you a proposed keyword campaign of 60 terms for you to review. Please feel free to ask us questions about the strategy behind the terms selected, request changes, and let us know if there are certain practice areas that you’d like to avoid.

Read the lawyer SEO FAQs on our homepage.

Over time, we’ll build individual fully-optimized pages for each keyword on the list, starting with the top-level terms that are most important to your practice. (We call these Target-Keyword Landing Pages.) These pages will be developed with both SEO criteria and user experience in mind. Things like keyword density, heading tags, synonyms, and internal links will be fully implemented in a way that still allows readers to get the information they’re looking for.

In addition to these Target-Keyword Landing Pages, we’ll also produce pages for long-tail questions and phrases so that you can also catch leads from Internet users making these types of searches. These long-tail phrases do not count against your 60 keywords.

Every month you’ll receive a Publishing Preview from our Managing Editor. This preview will include all of the terms we’d like to create dedicated pages for that month. You’ll be able to ask us to swap terms out and make any other changes that you’d like. Once approved, we’ll have our In-House Writers get to work on your content, which will only go live once the Managing Editor has fully proofed and approved all of the pages.

Our goal is to develop your site into a powerhouse legal authority filled with unique, high-quality content.

Each of your major practice areas will be developed into a fully fleshed out “silo” with multiple supporting pages. These silos will each have their own custom sidebar menu that will show both users and Google that your site will provide the relevant information needed to answer legal questions.

To that end, our On-Page SEO Specialist will carefully optimize the existing content on your site to ensure that you immediately start climbing in the rankings. He’ll also overhaul your site’s menus so that the most important pages get the internal “link juice” they need to rank, while still making it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. If there’s ever a page that you would like featured more heavily or if you’d like a particular menu set up, the On-Page SEO Specialist will create and implement your request in short order.

Of course, we’ll be doing more than just building your site up. Proper SEO requires an extensive external link-building campaign, and we’ll steadily increase the number of “votes” your website gets over time.

We look for and obtain links based on two criteria. First, we increase your site’s relevance by getting links from content, sites and pages closely related to your own content. Second, we increase your site’s authority by getting links from sites with strong metrics. We’ll do this at just the right rate and with the optimal breakdown of anchor text being used.

We’ll also be bringing your firm to the forefront of the social media world. From Facebook to Google Plus to YouTube, our Social Media Manager will help you raise your public profile while also providing original content on legal directories that will link back to your site. If you have any requests or updates you’d like made to your social media presence, just let her know and she’ll make it happen.

Obviously, all of this makes for a lot going on, and we want to make sure that you’re always informed of what we’re doing to bring your business to the next level. Each month, you’ll receive several reports from different team members that detail what we’re working on for you.

As mentioned, the Managing Editor will send you a Publishing Preview, but you’ll also receive a Social Media Report, a Publishing Report showing the content recently published and Ranking Report showing where your website ranks in Google for each of your target search terms.

Finally, while some technical difficulties are inevitable, we do everything possible to minimize on-site and network issues. If you ever have any sort of technical or hosting issue, our Technical SEO Specialist will be on the job immediately. Your firm’s success depends on having a well-oiled site, and making certain that you are fully functional on the Web is a top priority.

Please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We want you to view us as your own marketing department, as if we were just down the hall.

Here’s to the success of your firm!

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