Dec 23, 2019

What’s your law firm SEO company really worth?

Converting the people that contact your law firm from prospect into client, is really on you and how good your sales process is.

It doesn’t matter how they came in – via phone, website form submission or online chat. You should first know what your lead to client/case ratio is.

If you’ve spoken with 100 decent prospects and you don’t have any clients to show for it, no amount of traffic in the world is going to help you. After all, anything times zero is still zero.

After you know this ratio, and it’s not horrific, then you can look at the next set of numbers, which happen to be earlier in the sales process.

There are a few metrics your law firm SEO company could be accountable for. They are…

  1. Rankings – either the number of search phrases your website appears in the top 3 or top 10 (of Google) for and/or
  2. The number of leads (all types) that come in through your website – or through the campaign(s) the agency is responsible for
  3. Which they are accountable for is really up to you and the needs of your law firm.

Where to find these law firm SEO metrics, if they are not being provided to you.

The number of unique visitors can be found in your analytics software, Google Analytics being the most commonly used. In Google Analytics, this number is referred to as Users (not Sessions).

To start, don’t worry about calculating the Key Metrics for each traffic source. Let’s get the basics out of the way first, then you can move on to more granular figures. For now, just get the total number of unique visitors to your website for the past month.

The second Key Metric you’ll need to find is the number of leads you’ve received during the same period.

This one may take a bit more work, especially if you’re not set up properly.

There are usually 3 types of leads that come into most law firm websites.

  1. Form Submissions
  2. Phone Calls
  3. Chat Sessions

Form submissions are the easiest to tally because you can normally look in your website’s dashboard and see how many people filled out forms in the past month.

To count the number of phone calls that came in through your website, you’re going to need two things (well one thing and one criteria).

1. A tracking phone number, or a phone number that provides basic stats, like the number of incoming calls.

2. To make sure that the phone number you are using is unique and only used on that one website.

If you use the same vanity phone number across all platforms, it will be very hard to know where each call came from. Yes, you can ask each caller but that becomes tedious and is not as reliable as a single tracking number tied to each source you want to measure.

I have the Key Metrics, now what?

Now that you have the number of unique visitors and the number of leads that came in last month, we can get to the heart of our marketing, Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Visitor.

we can calculate your Cost Per Click, or how much each visitor is costing you. Just divide what you’re paying the marketing agency by the number of Unique Visitors for the same time period.

For example, if you’re paying the agency

From these numbers you can then easily calculate the Cost Per Click (or Cost Per Unique Visitor) and the Cost Per Lead by dividing what you’re paying the company each month by each.

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