Nick Kringas

Nick Kringas is the Founder of ApricotLaw Inc. and currently holds the roles of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at the company.

Key Moments in Nick’s Life

  • August 1979, born into a family business
  • August 1997, entered freshman year at Syracuse University
  • May 2001, graduated from Syracuse University with double majors in finance and entrepreneurship
  • April 2004, found restaurant location for Niko’s Greek Taverna, partnered with brother, mother and father, signed a 20-year lease
  • April 2004 – June 2005, served as general contractor in restaurant buildout
  • June 6, 2005, served restaurant’s first guest
  • July 2005, married to college sweetheart
  • May 2008, Sofia was born
  • July 2010, Chloe was born
  • Summer 2010, bought Yanik Silver’s book, Moonlighting on the Internet – fell in love with internet marketing
  • August 2010, discovered SEO through a home study course. Ranked our local Greek restaurant number 1 for the term “Greek restaurant” nationally. Got hooked on SEO.
  • November 2011, decided to leave the restaurant business after a failed partnership at a second restaurant location
  • November 2013, ApricotLaw was incorporated
  • February 2022, implemented Open Book Management at ApricotLaw
  • April 2023, became certified as a Great Game of Business Coach

Back Story

In August of 1979, Nick Kringas was born into the family business.  

His father, Peter, immigrated to the US from Greece in the late sixties. Accompanied by his younger brother, Peter worked for his Uncle at a local Tavern near the General Motors Assembly Plant in North Tarrytown, New York, now Sleepy Hollow.

The GM plant officially closed in 1996, one year before Nick would head off to undergraduate studies at Syracuse University.

In 1997, shortly after the GM plant closed, Peter left the business to his brother and chose to work for someone else.

This experience left a deep impact on Nick. The one major lesson he learned was to never rely on one source of income (or one anything) in business. If your only client leaves, your business may not be able to survive the sudden drop in cash flow.

After graduating from Syracuse University with double majors in Finance and Entrepreneurship, Nick sold residential real estate for a few years. In the Spring of 2004, while sitting in the barber’s chair, he casually mentioned to the barber that his family was looking to open a new restaurant.

The barber said one of his other clients was looking to lease restaurant space in his building. Less than a month later, Nick partnered with his mother, father and brother and signed a long-term lease on dilapidated space in an extremely high traffic area of Westchester County, New York.

Thirteen months later, in June 2005, after a long, drawn-out construction period, Niko’s Greek Taverna opened its doors to serve its first guest.  

Nick says that if he knew how hard it would have been to get the doors open, he may have never signed the lease in the first place. It didn’t help that at the same time, Nick was engaged to marry his college girlfriend, Stacey. Thankfully for him, then and now, Stacey is an extraordinary women who gets things done. She managed to plan most of the wedding without Nick’s help so he could focus on getting the restaurant opened.

The family did eventually get the doors open. During the first 3 days of friends and family tastings, they allowed walk-ins to come in and try out the food as well, and the restaurant ran out of food three days in a row.

Completely understaffed and unprepared for the demand, the Kringas family cut the menu down to a single page and started serving paying guests the Monday following the “soft” opening.

The rest, as they say, was history.

Fast forward to the Summer of 2010, Nick and Stacey have a two year old, Sofia, and a brand new infant, Chloe. 

While serving drinks one night at Niko’s, Nick read an email about a new course that was to be released called, “How to Get on Page One of Google.”

Intrigued, Nick purchased that overpriced Home Study Course and dove in. Stacey once remarked that she has never seen Nick work on anything with such passion.

Nick was able to get the restaurant’s website to the very top spot when anyone searched for the broad phase, “Greek Restaurant.”

Perhaps it was his competitive nature that hooked him on SEO. Ever since, Nick has had his head behind multiple computer screens working hard to figure it all out.

His passion eventually took him away from the restaurant business, leaving Niko’s in the capable hands of his mom, dad and brother.

During the Fall of 2013, helping a few attorneys with their websites and SEO, Nick decided to form and build a company that would help law firms attract new cases and clients from the internet.

On November 1, 2013, ApricotLaw Inc. was formed.

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