Social Media for Law Firms

Looking for ways to optimize your social media plan for your law firm? An SEO company can take care of the details on your social media pages while you take care of your clients. 

Social media has a bad reputation as a time-waster, or a way of communicating that only kids these days use. But more people are adopting social media every day, including businesses like law firms. Making the most of your social media accounts can boost your traffic and help convert that traffic into leads.

If you’re not familiar with social media for law firms, ApricotLaw can help. We write, design, and post social media content for law firms like yours so you can focus on your clients.

How Can Social Media Help My Law Firm Succeed?

One recent study by the Pew Research Center found over 70 percent of adults in the U.S. use social media. That number is only growing as more people grow up with some access to social media in their lives. That means many people are turning to social media for many of their daily needs.

Social media may sound like a great time-waster while you’re waiting for an appointment or on your lunch break, but it can be a powerful tool for converting readers to clients.

But that tool may not work best for you if you’re not using it well. So how do you boost your social media presence and get the attention of potential clients?

How to Optimize Your Social Media Usage

Every social media platform has a complex algorithm that determines what users see. We can use this knowledge to your website’s advantage.

Posting every thought and photo on social media may not net you followers. But using the algorithm to your advantage, posting at the right times and the right number of times per week, can help your page spread.

Tone and content play a major role in growing your law firm social media site, too. For example, some lawyers may use memes or law-related jokes to get the attention of potential clients.

Building an audience through social media may sound less worthwhile than other marketing efforts, but it can make your name more well-known among social circles. More people talking about your social media means more opportunities to convert followers into clients.

Contact an Law Firm SEO Company About Your Social Media Plan

Search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing aren’t just about your website. They’re about how you present yourself to potential clients, and they’re about how you get their attention and turn them into clients. Because of this, you need to make the most out of every avenue for your online presence.

That’s where ApricotLaw can help. We specialize in social media for law firms. You don’t want to spend all day fussing with your Facebook page or updating your Twitter (even if a few hours of scrolling sounds like a nice break). You want a dedicated team who can optimize your social media to attract clients.

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