May 28, 2021

[VIDEO] Are Guest Posts Helpful or Harmful for SEO?

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You probably get these emails every day.

There are thousands of people offering guest posts for sale.

Do these guest posts actually help your site rank better in Google?

Or are they a complete waste of money?

Or worse, will they harm your site and keep it from ranking?

Watch this brief video to learn how to distinguish between the helpful and the harmful.

P.S. If you’d like us to analyze your website’s backlinks, we’re happy to help.

We’ll quickly show you if there are any toxic links holding you back.

We’ll also show you where your competition is getting links from.

This way you’ll know what to do next to start competing and getting more cases from the Internet.

You’ll get a screen recording video that you can watch at your leisure.

No obligation and no strings attached.

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Get Your Free Website Audit Video

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