Feb 10, 2021

What Is Search Engine Optimization and Why Does Your Law Firm Need It?

Whether you’re just starting your practice or have an established law firm that isn’t doing as well as you’d like, you’ve probably heard the buzz about search engine optimization (SEO). 

The legal industry is quite competitive when it comes to Google rankings, traffic, and leads. And if you’re not doing SEO for your law firm, chances are, you aren’t getting the leads you need to be successful. 

But before you take action and invest in your website, you should understand exactly what search engine optimization is and why this investment is the right choice for your firm. Continue reading to learn more about SEO and what your lawyer SEO strategy could be. 

Search Engine Optimization, Explained

Search engine optimization includes all the techniques your legal marketing team will use to help get your most important keywords ranking in the top positions of the Google search results. 

If you aren’t doing SEO on your website, there is a strong possibility you aren’t even close to ranking in the first, second, or third spots. This can have a serious impact on how much web traffic is being driven to your website and important landing pages, which is sure to influence the quantity and quality of the leads you get online.

But there are many components to a strong SEO strategy, and you’ll want to tailor your marketing plan to what your law firm is going to need to break into those top positions. Your digital marketing agency can help you figure out what’s in your best interests after a thorough audit of your website. 

What Law Firm SEO Looks Like

Search engine optimization for lawyers isn’t an easy fix to your web traffic and leads problems—it’s a commitment to the success of your law firm on a long-term basis. This involved process often involves many of the following components:

  • Planning a strong link-building strategy
  • Building out an innovative, user-friendly web design
  • Producing professional legal content
  • Maintaining an active social media presence
  • Using strategic paid advertising

Every law firm’s needs and approaches are different. Can you envision what’s next for your law firm? ApricotLaw can—and with our team optimizing your website, your law firm will get the leads it needs to thrive.

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