About ApricotLaw

Who We Are

ApricotLaw Inc. was incorporated on November 1, 2013 in the State of New York. The main office is located at 7 Skyline Drive, Suite 350, Hawthorne, New York 10532.

Key Players

  • Founder, CEO and CFO: Nick Kringas
  • Partner and Head of Client Experience: Kellen Bachman

What We Promise

If we decide to work together…

  • You will own everything. Your website is your business asset that we would never use to hold you hostage with.
  • You will have direct cell phone access to a partner of ApricotLaw. We would never pawn you off to an inexperienced account rep.
  • You can cancel at any time. All of our partnerships are month-to-month and performance based. We would never lock you into a long-term agreement.
  • You will be the exclusive client of ApricotLaw. We would never partner with another firm in your practice area and geographic location.

What We Believe In

  1. Give.

We deliver 10 times more value than we are paid. We give because it’s the right thing to do. Clients feel better off than when they found us. We are here to uniquely help people avoid dangers, seize opportunities, build on strengths and achieve their goals.

  1. One Team.

We play to win, together. We play for one another. We push each other to be great. We are prepared to win. Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. What am I doing to prepare myself for the opportunities coming our way?

  1. This Is My Company.

I am responsible for the health and success of our company. At times, this means putting my ego aside and doing what’s best for our clients and the organization. The way to get what I want at work is by helping the company succeed. I share in the success that I help create.

  1. Always Learning and Expanding.

There is only winning and learning. In every adversity is the seed of an equal or greater benefit. Let us never squander a perfectly good learning opportunity! When we win, let us not get too high and when we experience learning moments, let us not get too low. We will persist until we succeed. Progress every day!

  1. Punching Above Our Weight Class. 

We do the best we can with what we have. We maximize our resources. Each part of the process is owned by the person uniquely capable of delivering excellence. If that person is not on our team, we punch above our weight class by finding the person or company outside of the organization.

  1. World-Class Service.

Every step of the client journey is thought through and planned out in detail. Our attention to detail has new clients feeling confident in our ability to deliver. Every step of the way, they think, “Wow! Apricot is all over this!”

What We Do

ApricotLaw’s Core Services

  • SEO-Integrated Website Design – Custom or Templated – All Built on WordPress CRM
  • Organic SEO with Layered Momentum Technology
  • Map Attack Local SEO – Google Business Profile and Maps Optimization
  • Next Level PPC – Our Unique Way of Doing Google Ads Management 

Who We Do It For

ApricotLaw works exclusively with law firms across the United States and Canada. If your law firm attracts new business from Google Search, we might be a good fit. Here are some of the practice areas we serve:

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Criminal Defense and DUI/DWI
  • Divorce and Family Law 
  • Employment Law
  • Estate and Probate Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Law Firms with Multiple Practice Areas

How We Work

ApricotLaw has always been a fully-remote company, even before the COVID-19 Pandemic. We believe you can find the best talent when you’re not tied to a small geographic radius.

ApricotLaw uses Open Book Management and the Great Game of Business as its operating system. Every team member is expected to think of the company as his or her own and has a stake in the success of the business. As the company does better, clients do better, the team does better. 

ApricotLaw is a team of teams. Here are the teams that have allowed ApricotLaw to deliver for clients for over a decade.

  • Leadership Team
  • Client Experience Team
  • Content Team
  • SEO Team
  • Technical SEO Team
  • PPC Team
  • Sales and Marketing Team
  • Design Team
  • Development Team

Where We Came From

The ApricotLaw Origin Story

In 2011, Nick Kringas decided to leave the restaurant business. 

With his second child now 6 months old, Nick was hungry to make something happen. Since he’s never had a “real” job, he decided to start a new business. 

Using his self-taught SEO skills, he signed his first client, the restaurant attorney that helped him obtain multiple New York State liquor licenses. That client is still with ApricotLaw today, over a decade later.

Why Law Firms? 

The best SEO’s test. 

Early on, Nick had dozens of live “test” sites to learn how Google responded to various inputs.

Many of these test sites were in the personal injury niche.

The thinking was, if he could rank for personal injury terms in the United States, he could rank for anything. 

Nick was able to rank one of these test sites for the ultra-competitive search query “New York City Car Accident Lawyer.”

This ability to rank for competitive keywords, combined with the fact that personal injury attorneys are forced to pay upwards of hundreds of dollars per visitor for identical traffic, was the spark that pushed Nick to focus exclusively on Law Firm SEO and Digital Marketing.

With the initial success of his first client and proof of concept with the personal injury rankings, ApricotLaw was born. 

On November 1, 2013, ApricotLaw Inc. was incorporated. 

Before the end of 2013, one smart personal injury attorney in New York City saw Nick’s test site ranking for many lucrative personal injury search queries even though no one affiliated with the site had passed the Bar exam. That person became ApricotLaw’s exclusive client for all personal injury terms in the New York City area and has been dominating the first page of Google for the majority of the last decade. 

This New York City law firm has hundreds of accident victims requesting a free consultation every month thanks to ApricotLaw.

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