In the world of SEO,

Content is King

When your website isn’t ranking, it’s time to level up.

Content is central to every law firm search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Your web design is created around content. Your link building efforts need content to function. You need content on social media to engage with your audience. Without the right content in place, Google won’t understand what your business is about, and neither will your readers.

Are you in need of SEO-optimized content that consistently targets your audience?


Creating Connection

At ApricotLaw, we don’t outsource our writing efforts. We have full-time legal content writers on staff who use storytelling when writing to create a connection with your readers. Legal content can get dull, but even a dry topic can draw readers in with the right voice, good info, and a relatable story.

Optimizing for Your Keywords

Our law firm content writing strategy involves optimizing every page we write for your target keywords. We have specific keyword placement and linking methods for every content type we publish. We’ve done the research to get these combinations just right.

Prioritizing Conversion

Although ranking your legal pages is important, the ultimate goal with law firm content writing is to convert your readers into clients. We keep the reader’s search intent in mind as part of our never-ending push to get more leads for law firms.

Diversifying Your Brand

We write and publish content both on and off your custom designed website. This diversifies your brand and increases Google’s trust in your company. Some content types we publish include target keyword articles, supporting pages, blog posts, directory articles, social media posts, and press releases.

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