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When was the last time you scrolled down Google’s search results and actually clicked on the second page? It’s likely that you cannot remember. Why?

Because as a typical search engine user, you rarely reach the bottom of a search engine results page (SERP) before finding what you were looking for. In fact, the top three or so entries are usually enough for one to find a solution or make a decision. 

When a potential client goes on a search engine to look for legal services you provide, it’s important that your law firm website is among the top results. Working with a New York law firm SEO agency that has helped other lawyers can ensure your law firm stands out in search results.

How Law Firm SEO Works 

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to all the digital marketing efforts geared toward ranking your law firm’s website among the top search results. 

Search engines, like Google, are the first place most people turn to when looking for answers to a particular problem. This is no different with your law firm’s potential clients. 

Whether you’re a renowned, large firm or just recently opened your practice, the majority of your customers will be looking for your services on a search engine and eventually land on your website.

Law firm SEO ensures that your website is visible among the results at the top so that people can easily access and click on it. This will then increase the overall traffic coming to your website, meaning that more people will be seeing and noticing your law firm, including potential local clients

What Makes a Good Law Firm SEO Strategy?

The making and execution of a successful law firm SEO plan is usually a combined effort from several elements. The main ones are:

  • User-Friendly Website Design – Search engines prioritize websites whose design is attractive and well thought out because they offer an excellent user experience. Components such as colors, fonts, and visuals should all be in harmony with your brand.
  • An Optimized Law Firm Website – Besides the design, your law firm website should be optimized for things like speed, mobile responsiveness, and search indexing for the best SEO results. 
  • Unique and Valuable Legal Content – Search engines want to provide users with the most accurate, useful, and high-quality answers on their results page. If your law firm content does this, then you’re on your way to ranking at the top.  
  • Quality Backlinks – Finally, is your website’s content authoritative and trustworthy? You can get this by developing a link-building strategy from equally credible and relevant websites. 

Talk to a Law Firm SEO Agency in New York

When implemented right, law firm SEO can grow your practice by taking your website where potential customers are looking. All it takes is an initial audit to determine the well-being of your website and areas that might need more optimization. 

Speak with a New York law firm SEO professional from ApricotLaw to get your free website audit. You can reach us at 877-203-0751 or by filling out our contact form below.   

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