Lawyer SEO

We provide law firm SEO services that generate the leads you desire.

SEO matters for your law firm. Here’s why.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps internet users find your law firm online. Without SEO, your competitors will outrank you in Google results. They’ll also receive most of the search traffic and take away your leads. If you’re struggling to get clients, your current SEO strategy may not be working.


at ApricotLaw, we succeed at lawyer SEO by putting ourselves in the shoes of your audience.

  • who is your ideal client?
  • what problems are they looking to solve?
  • how can we tailor your website to their needs?

Together, we can answer these questions and create an online strategy for your law firm that works.

Website Analysis

You must analyze your website to create a successful lawyer SEO strategy. Not sure what to look for? At ApricotLaw, we provide a free video presentation with the following:

The code and content on your website that are hurting your Google rankings

An assessment of your website’s link building profile to date

Design flaws that turn your visitors away and kill your conversion rate

How your local competitors get their leads and the opportunities you’re missing

Designs That Shine

If you want to be an authority, your website should be easy to navigate, responsive on mobile, and quick to load. What you see on the front end of your website requires complex coding on the back end. It also requires consistent maintenance. Our graphic designers and web developers can create a custom website for you that’s modern and functional.

Conversion-Worthy Content

Content is the foundation of lawyer SEO. Relevant, original, and keyword-rich content is what helps you outrank your competitors.

Our legal content writers create landing pages, blog posts, directory articles, and more. This content increases the trust and authority of your law firm without making you seem boring or unapproachable. If you want to boost your legal online marketing efforts, content is a core piece to the puzzle.

Enjoy Some Link Juice

A strong backlink profile is one of Google’s most important ranking factors. Your free website analysis will show what sites have linked to yours in the past. With backlinks, quality trumps quantity. Google will penalize you for having links from irrelevant, untrustworthy, or penalized websites.

Nothing worth having is easy to get. Link building is a tedious part of law firm SEO. Having a dedicated team of specialists to build your backlink profile can be invaluable.

A Local Focus

Google My Business (GMB) launched in 2014. Since then, it has become a significant lawyer SEO consideration. When internet users search for law firms in your area, the top results will populate in Google Maps. Google chooses the top results based on the search query and the user’s geographic location.

At ApricotLaw, we understand the significance of Google Maps rankings. The more weight Google puts on GMB, the more we adjust our law firm SEO efforts.

Let’s Get Social

Your social media presence won’t be the most significant part of your law firm SEO strategy. But the goal of ranking your website online is to generate leads and establish lasting relationships with clients. With social media, you can increase your website authority while engaging with potential clients.

We know social media management can be time consuming. That’s why we have a social media manager on staff who can handle your accounts for you.

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