Criminal Lawyer Websites and SEO

Criminal lawyer SEO is different from any other type of SEO.

It requires a multi-faceted approach that includes everything from keywords to effective landing pages and strategically built links.

Who has time for all of that, though, when there are clients to help and cases to win?

There are millions of tidbits of advice all over the Internet, and most of them are bad. For most lawyers, the solution is simple: hire law firm SEO experts with a proven track record of success.

The Ingredients for the Best Criminal Law SEO Plan Possible

The key to the perfect criminal law SEO plan is to start with what you want.

You may be taking a lot of drug possession, gun possession, or domestic violence cases now, but think about where you want to be over the next year; the next five years; the next ten.

Do you hope to be tackling fraud cases? White-collar criminal charges? Homicide?

In order to grow, you need to be where the clients are: online.

There’s more to it than that, though. You need to be on top.

Here’s how the clicks look for each position in the search engine results pages, or SERPs[1]:

  1. 32.5% of all clicks
  2. 17.6% of all clicks
  3. 11.4% of all clicks
  4. 8.1% of all clicks
  5. 6.1% of all clicks
  6. 4.4% of all clicks
  7. 3.5% of all clicks
  8. 3.1% of all clicks
  9. 2.6% of all clicks
  10. 2.4% of all clicks

The lower your position in the SERPs, the fewer people who will click through to your website.

Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Win Online?

Fortunately, you can beat your competitors online. You just need SEO that’s tailored to criminal defense law—and it isn’t “black magic.”

SEO is a numbers game, and that means it’s one you can win.

ApricotLaw provides everything a criminal defense lawyer needs to win online.

Criminal Defense Lawyer SEO: What it Takes

We’ve analyzed thousands of law firm websites across the country, and the numbers don’t lie. Winning online is about relevancy and strength. If you’re relevant for the terms that people are searching and you’re stronger than your competitors are, you will win.

As a criminal defense lawyer, your whole plan needs to revolve around keywords that branch out from:

  • DUI
  • DWI
  • Drug possession
  • Gun possession
  • Fraud
  • Domestic violence
  • …and about 200 more laser-focused terms that will bring in the people who need to work with you

Relevancy is one thing, but the strength comes from a variety of factors, including link building, immaculate website design and social media management. Everything needs to be focused on generating leads, from landing pages to blog posts.

We Deliver Results that Most Criminal Lawyers Only Dream About

ApricotLaw has the weight that you need behind you.

We own a massive publishing channel that we’ll use to push you past the competition and up in the SERPs.

Here’s the thing: we are very selective about the firms that we’ll work with.

We only take one firm per practice area, per city. We will never pit our clients against each other, so you’re guaranteed exclusivity.

You’ll have an increase in website traffic as you climb the ranks, and all the while, you’ll be getting the specialized attention that only a powerful boutique niche firm can provide.

Everyone in our company knows each detail of your campaign; every member of the team knows you by name.

All of our clients are ranking exceptionally well.

The best part? There’s a far better return on investment for working with us than there is for pay-per-click advertising.

Our work is 100 percent guaranteed, too, which means this is the best move you can make to grow your practice and bring in more clients.

Let’s Talk

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Here’s what you’ll get during your complimentary consultation:

  • We’ll find out what your competition is doing and tell you how to do it better.
  • We’ll come up with the keywords you should be targeting so that you’re bringing more of the right kind of traffic.
  • We’ll uncover potential problems with your site so you can be sure it’s not holding you back.

At ApricotLaw, we live and breathe law firm SEO.

We’ve written a book on it, created an app that helps lawyers implement the best tactics one at a time, and published dozens of videos that walk people through every step they need to take to start ranking well.

We’re the law firm Internet experts, and we might be able to help you.

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