About ApricotLaw: the strongest law firm internet marketing company

The dynamic duo comprising ApricotLaw, Tom Desmond and Nick Kringas, believe in doing what it takes to win. With a passion for search engine optimization and a knack for figuring out what other SEOs can’t, the pair consistently watch their sites climb the ranks while others crash and burn.

A shared goal of getting clients to the top of search engine results pages and focused, results-driven teamwork makes things happen—big things.

Tom and Nick are the go-to experts for top firms across the country. Why? Because they are absolutely obsessed with testing, tracking, and winning. You can almost feel the sense of competition crackling in the air in the ApricotLaw offices.

This industry is filled with smoke and mirrors. ApricotLaw brings order to the game, transforming SEO from “black magic” to the truth—and the numbers don’t lie. Their clients see results: real, tangible results that bring in more clients and more money.

About Tom Desmond

A jazz musician who jumped feet-first into New York City—if you can make it in the Big Apple, you can make it anywhere—Tom played all over town and toured the world, but he had a constant craving for business development, so he created several large directories in competitive markets.

That was Tom’s very first foray into the world of online business, and his passion for SEO drove them to the top of the SERPs, where they were eventually discovered and bought by a larger company. Looking for a bigger challenge, he took the law firm marketing industry by storm and started interviewing Internet marketing “gurus.”

“I must have spoken to a hundred people that claimed to ‘know something special,’ but none of them had any proof. They were all saying the same things. Then I found Nick Kringas. Nick’s knowledge of the Web was deeper than anyone I had ever spoken to in my 10 years of building and ranking sites. Nick is someone I wanted in my corner, not on the other side of the ring.” – Tom Desmond, ApricotLaw CEO

About Nick Kringas

Nick is just as competitive as Tom when it comes to pushing clients’ sites to the top. After graduating from Syracuse University with double majors in finance and entrepreneurship, Nick partnered with his family to open a Greek restaurant in the heart of Westchester County, New York.

After taking an overpriced SEO course and blending innovation with the techniques he’d learned, Nick got the restaurant’s website to the #1 spot for the extremely broad term Greek restaurant. Hungry for another Internet marketing challenge, Nick started building, ranking, racing, and testing websites like a mad scientist.

Nick was hooked on SEO. Even his wife, Stacey, says that she’s never seen him work on anything with such passion. He was up for days, sitting behind six computer screens and never coming up for air. His passion drew him from the restaurant business and into the ever-changing world of SEO (Niko’s, his restaurant, is now in the capable hands of his mom, dad, and brother).

“I’ve been around a lot of business people in my life, but none have been as goal-oriented as Tom. His ability to set his sights on a single goal and then focus everything he’s got to achieve it is incredible.”

– Nick Kringas, ApricotLaw President

The Ultimate Law Firm SEO Team

ApricotLaw gives you the benefit of working with an army of professionals, including top-level developers and designers, the best link building and syndication experts in the industry, and extremely talented writers who can get your message across. This remarkably talented team is focused on one thing: Being the absolute best Internet marketing company for law firms.

As a client, you have exclusive access to Tom and Nick, the owners of the company. That’s because to them, ApricotLaw is more than a business—it’s their passion.

ApricotLaw: Our Core Values

Our mission is simple: We help our clients win online. That includes positioning our clients as the subject-matter experts in their fields and helping them make more money with less stress and greater peace of mind. In the meantime, we aim to have a long-lasting, positive effect on society by helping attorneys grow their practices.

We conduct business by following our five core values:

  1. Winning Attitudes – We put our clients’ success ahead of personal agendas. We’ve put together the best team of complementary, talented individuals, and our staff is constantly growing to provide our clients with the best possible results. We respect, listen to, and value others’ opinions and ideas as a critical means of achieving ApricotLaw’s mission.
  2. Competition – We want to win, and we want our clients to win. We will only compete in a market if we are the best, or if we believe we can be the best. We focus only on what we are best at individually, so that we can help our clients corner their markets. It’s our goal to outrank everyone else and to take the lion’s share of relevant search traffic in any market.
  3. Excellence – We enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done, and we take the utmost pleasure in providing quality products and services. We set a good example for our own families by working passionately to achieve our goals, and we’re always seeking improvement. We consistently strive to make our systems and procedures more efficient and treat all feedback as an opportunity to improve. In short, we continue to work on building a masterpiece of a company.
  4. Integrity – We will let our results speak for themselves. We are extremely careful when promising anything, and we relentlessly strive to deliver more than we promise.
  5. Rhythm – We know that building a world-class enterprise is not possible without open and regular communication. We relentlessly pursue our organizational goals as a team, maintaining a well-organized set of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings to keep everyone aligned and accountable.

Imagine how far your law firm can go when you collaborate with ApricotLaw. Call today—it will be the best decision you ever make.