A personal injury & criminal defense firm's leads go through the roof with 75% of their terms on page one

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The Growth of Crowell Law Offices

Based in Sacramento, California, Crowell Law Offices handles both personal injury claims and criminal defense cases. They first came to ApricotLaw in March 2016 in need of a new website and with little to no internet presence.

Bring On the New Leads

Crowell Law Offices is now firmly entrenched at number one for Sacramento car accident, DUI, and criminal defense keywords. The firm went from a virtually non-existent website to 47% in the top tree search results and receiving an average of 33 leads per week today.

Starting From the Ground Up

While the firm had a website, it had no traffic and limited functionality. Not only were they starting from square one in SEO terms, but it would also be necessary to design and code a new website that would meet both the firm’s and Google’s expectations.

Our Plan of Action

In addition to launching a new site, it would be necessary to create fully optimized content for both the personal injury and criminal defense practice areas. ApricotLaw then undertook an outreach campaign to bring in relevant links for both so that the firm could win in each market.

Dominating Page One

The results Crowell Law Firm has received since signing up with ApricotLaw have been through the roof. 21.05% of their best key words are holding steady at number one, 47.37% are in the top three search results, and 75.00% of their terms are on page one. All of these rankings results in 33 leads from their website a week on average.

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