A personal injury firm doubles their leads every year with a solid plan to win online.

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The Growth of Lane & Lane, LLP

Lane & Lane is a personal injury law firm based in Chicago, Illinois. They specialize in car accident and sexual abuse cases. They first signed with ApricotLaw in April 2017 and were ready to take on their super competitive market with us.

Consistant Results

Lane & Lane is now a mainstay in the top three organic search results for their best keywords, including high-competition terms such as “Chicago car accident lawyer.” The firm’s website leads have effectively doubled each year they’ve been with ApricotLaw.

The Challenge

Chicago is one of the toughest legal SEO markets in the country. At the start of the project, Lane & Lane’s site was ranking for few relevant keywords and had low traffic for the market. A successful SEO campaign was going to require the proper budget and commitment. 

Attack From All Angles

A new website, proper on-page optimization and an extensive backlinking campaign with proper anchor text were going to be critical. A big jump in referring domains would be needed in order to compete with the competition in such a tough market.

Here to stay on page one

The results Lane & Lane, LLP has had impressive growth since signing with ApricotLaw. They are consistently ranking in the top three for some of their most competitive keywords resulting in a 633% increase in leads from their website since 2018.

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