Jun 22, 2015

4 Big Things Most Law Firms Misunderstand About SEO

How much do you know about search engine optimization?

If you’re like many attorneys, you understand the basics – and you know you need it in order to keep up with your competitors online.

But are you misunderstanding the basic tenets?

Search Engine Land says most people don’t “get it.” That’s fine, as long as you have an expert SEO team handling it for you.

Unfortunately, most law firms don’t.

What Do Most Law Firms Misunderstand About SEO?

The fact is, you need to know that:

  • SEO needs to be part of everything you do, including your content marketing, your paid search efforts and your branding efforts.
  • Your best SEO efforts will be a waste if you don’t deliver what searchers expect to find.
  • You can’t cover all your bases when it comes to SEO with plugins, unfocused services or occasional attempts to optimize your site.
  • The most successful SEO is based on hard facts and raw data, such as your website’s statistics, the most frequently searched terms relating to your practice areas, and what’s happening with Google’s latest algorithm updates.

When you’re ready, learn more about how to kick off a successful SEO campaign and how to make sure your site is irresistible to Google.

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