Nov 16, 2023

An Oldie-but-Goodie Way to Get Powerful Backlinks

Here’s and oldie-but-goodie.

This tactic has been around as long as blogs themselves.

You will need the MOZBar, a SEO analysis toolbar for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

In this 3 Minute #LAWYERSEOTIPS Video, you will learn exactly how to find the most powerful links available online.

These links should be a part of any website’s backlink portfolio because they have a high Page Authority (PA) and are on relevant websites.

This combination of relevance and authority make these links as good as they get.

The best part is they don’t cost any money.

Just a slight adjustment to something you regularly do – read blogs and surf the Internet.

The very first thing you must do before you can improve the ranking of your law firm’s website is to understand the discourse.

Download the Lawyer SEO Cheat Sheet to quickly get up to speed – LINK TO CHEAT SHEET DOWNLOAD.

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