Nov 16, 2023

ApricotLaw Lawyer SEO Results: Google Ranking BEFORE and AFTER Snapshot

This Personal Injury Firm decided to partner with ApricotLaw back in May 2014.

The Before column of this snapshot was taken two months after signing with ApricotLaw. The firm’s search engine visibility was even less than the Snapshot shows when they first came onboard.

Now, in March 2015, they are monopolizing Google’s organic results for any search query related to their most lucrative practice areas in the two cities they serve.

Over the time span, we’ve added nine keywords to the keywords tracked because the client came to us and let us know they were also valuable.

  • Page one rankings went from 22 to 82
  • Percentage of keywords on page one went from 23% to 79%
  • Number one ranked keywords went from only 3 to 52!
  • Percentage of keywords ranked number one is now at 50%!

We are very happy to be a part of this law firm’s success!  We won’t stop until all of their keywords are in the Top 3 of Google’s organic results.

Lawyer SEO Results Google Ranking Before and After 03-17-2015
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