Feb 05, 2020

Digital Marketing for New Law Firms: What Are the Options?

As a new law firm, one of the most overwhelming aspects of launching your business may be figuring out how to build a client base. Creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is an excellent way to generate leads from your target market. There are various digital marketing strategies you can use to get started, but some strategies will be more effective than others. 

If you aren’t sure what options you have or where to start, you can reach out to an experienced legal marketing agency. At ApricotLaw, we’ve successfully ranked both new and established law firms in Google. We can help you design your website, develop a focused brand message, and launch an online marketing campaign that will generate the leads you desire. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the top digital marketing strategies law firms can use to generate leads and ultimately create a strong client base. With legal SEO, your firm can reach the top search results in Google even if you aren’t established in your market. Legal SEO requires research and the creation of a keyword campaign that’s both localized and focused on your services.  

Website Optimization

A key part of law firm SEO is having a well-optimized website. You can optimize your website by making sure your menu structure is functional, your content includes proper headings and internal links, and your website design is user-friendly. Two additional priorities you should consider when optimizing your website include making sure your website design translates to mobile devices and checking your load times. 

Relevant Content

Having relevant and original content on your website is essential if you want the visitors who land on your website to stick around. If your content isn’t interesting, informative, and related to the services you provide, then all the work you’ve done for legal SEO will be null and void.

The ultimate goal for your digital marketing campaign is to create traffic and transition that traffic into leads. Your content is the bread and butter of all other digital marketing strategies.

Google Reviews

Once you get your first clients in the door, you should encourage them to leave reviews about their experience on Google. Many potential clients will rely on Google reviews before feeling comfortable hiring your firm to represent them. The more genuine and positive reviews you can get, the better you’ll look.

Reach Out to a Skilled Legal Marketing Firm

Because so many factors go into building a strong digital presence, it will likely take a combination of all these digital marketing strategies and perhaps others to launch your law firm and gain the leads you need to succeed. With the help of an established legal marketing agency like ApricotLaw, you can focus on practicing law while we handle the logistics of your digital campaign.

Starting a business is complicated, but when you have the right team behind you, you can feel confident marching forward toward your goals. If you’re ready to schedule a free consultation with our team, call 877-203-0751 or fill out the contact form below.

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