GBP Tips for Law Firm SEO

Building your online platform? Don’t forget the GBP listing for your law firm—check out these tips to boost your firm.

When you’re expanding your business, making the most of every opportunity can make a difference for your law firm. For example, optimizing your Google Business Profile, or GBP, listing can help you boost traffic to your website and maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) potential.

These GBP tips for law firm SEO can help your firm grow, and all it takes is a few extra clicks. Check out the steps below and talk to your SEO company about maximizing your GBP listing’s usefulness.

Use SEO Keywords in Your Legal Google Business Profile Listing

Your GBP listing shows up in Google search results, which means it should be optimized for those search results. That means choosing keywords that cover the types of legal cases you handle, your location, and other key phrases you want to rank for.

The right keywords help Google determine the most relevant page for search results. For example, if you only use generic terms like “lawyer,” you may not rank well for terms like “divorce lawyer” or “criminal defense attorney.”

Make Your Law Firm GBP Listing Visually Appealing

Your GBP listing is also a chance to display your brand. Your logo and team photos can help potential clients recognize you and your law firm, even if they don’t seek out an appointment right away. Making your GBP listing useful and visually appealing can draw in an audience that you may not have otherwise.

Fill Out Your Google Business Profile Carefully

It may sound like an obvious step, but filling out all parts of your listing carefully and completely is also vital. A mistake in your phone number, address, or URL can make it difficult for potential clients to contact you. If they can’t contact you easily, they may decide to turn to a competitor instead.

Filling out the service areas can also help guide potential clients to the right place. Including all your practice areas helps clients find your page and get in touch.

Talk to Your Law Firm SEO Company About Your GBP Listing

Your GBP page can help your firm succeed. But are you optimizing your GBP to draw in clients and provide information for your audience? The GBP tips for law firm SEO above can make a big difference, but getting a personal touch can change the game for your law firm.

If you’re looking for an SEO company that covers all your needs, from your GBP page to your online marketing and SEO strategy, ApricotLaw has what you need. To access the tools we can offer, get your free consultation by calling 877-203-0751 or by completing the online contact form below.

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