Mar 25, 2020

How Law Firm Social Media Can Help You Gain Clients

The internet has transformed over the past twenty years. Yahoo and Google were once the main sources for gathering information. Today, social media platforms have become search engines in their own right. When someone uses their computer or phone to find a local restaurant, they may reference both Google and Facebook, for example.

In some circumstances, a user may not know about a product until they scroll past a social ad on their feed. As a law firm, you have a unique target audience compared to other products and services out there. But you can still use social media to increase brand awareness and generate leads. At ApricotLaw, we understand law firm social media. Our team can create and manage your social media strategy.

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Use Law Firm Social Media Content to Engage with Your Target Audience

One of the best ways to use social media for your law firm and gain clients is to engage with your target audience. Social platforms allow you to comment, post content, and share media from others in your niche. Creating a community will humanize your brand and show potential clients you’re approachable.

Make Viewers Aware of Your Law Firm’s Brand

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By posting on social media, you’ll become more visible to potential clients, which can increase brand awareness. You can also use relevant hashtags to spread your social media content to a wider audience. With a law firm social media strategy in place, your social pages can work as part of your marketing sales funnel. You can lead people from social media to your website for conversion.

Establish Authority in Your Law Niche

The key in using social media for your law firm is to post the right content. Whether you’re posting articles, videos, or infographics, you must have a consistent brand voice. That way, potential clients will respect you as a leader in your industry. Warm leads may read your content to gather information. But once you gain their trust, they can become a hot lead.

Improve SEO Efforts across the Internet with Law Firm Social Media

Optimizing your social media posts with relevant keywords can improve your legal search engine optimization (SEO) efforts across the internet. Google recognizes social media content as a positive SEO signal. Having a strong social presence can also increase your website traffic.

Work with an Experienced Legal Marketing Agency

You may hesitate to spend money on social media management if you think it’s an unnecessary cost. But it’s essential to get your law firm noticed on these platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn are search engines, not just social sites. You must create custom marketing strategies for social networks if you want to effectively target your audience.

At ApricotLaw, we can incorporate social media into your legal SEO campaign. To discuss your law firm marketing efforts with a member of our team, call 877-203-0751 or fill out the contact form below and schedule a free consultation.

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