Los Angeles Law Firm Web Design

When your web design is lacking, your Los Angeles law firm will suffer in online rankings. Optimize your website with the help of lawyer web design experts.

It’s the 2020s—and if your law firm’s website design isn’t modern, sleek, user friendly, and optimized for mobile, you likely aren’t bringing in the traffic and leads your firm needs to be successful. Designing the perfect website for your law firm takes time, effort, and design skills that you may not have to put in. Don’t trust an amateur with your Los Angeles law firm web design.

Whether you have an existing website that needs some serious updating, are ready to completely redesign your current site, or are starting with a brand new, custom website design, ApricotLaw is the digital marketing firm you can count on to deliver results.

Elements of a Converting Law Firm Web Design in Los Angeles

If you want to make sure that your website design is going to convert web traffic into leads, it needs to have very specific elements in place. Some of the most important components of a strong law firm web design include:

  • Functionality
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Easy navigation
  • Visual appeal
  • Built with accessibility in mind
  • Interactivity

The website design should be modern and innovative but also send a clear message to your audience what your firm is, why you’re the firm they should choose, and what sets your law firm apart from all of the others vying for this client’s business. 

Why Your Los Angeles Law Firm Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

Unfortunately, simply having a beautiful website isn’t going to be enough to bring your Los Angeles law firm the success you hoped. The design itself requires professionally written content optimized for Google’s complex algorithm. 

And your website won’t be seen as authoritative or trustworthy if other people don’t find that your website answers their questions and is useful. 

Your website needs a strong link-building strategy, clean backend coding so Google knows what your site is about, and other SEO techniques that show Google that your website and landing page should be displayed first for your target keywords

All of these separate elements can be difficult to perfect, and the most competitive Los Angeles law firms have hired digital marketing agencies to build and maintain their web presence as a whole. Give your firm the edge it needs by starting off with a cutting-edge law firm web design. 

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