Does Page Load Time Affect SEO? 

We’ve all been on that website that takes a ridiculously long time to load. How does it make you feel when you land on a site like that? You feel frustrated, right? You probably have a limit on how long you will wait for a page to load before you will simply move on.

No one likes to wait for a slow page to load, but is annoyance the only result of poor page speed? You might be asking yourself: Does page load time affect SEO? Yes, it does. (you can also read more about law firm websites on this page)

How Load Speed Affects Your Site’s SEO

  • Bounce RateThe slower your webpage loads, the more likely it will be that visitors will leave your website in search of a faster one. Web visitors are impatient, and they won’t wait around for a slow page to load. Even the government cares about how fast their webpages load—and it’s the government.
  • Google Cares – The top reason that page load speed will impact your SEO is because Google cares about page load speed. For starters, Google cares about the customer’s experience. They don’t want the customer being forced to wait for a page to load, so they will penalize your site in the rankings department if your page speed is slow.

Partner With an SEO Company That Will Help Get Your Website to the Top

As you can see, page load time does affect SEO in big ways. If the page load time is too long, clients will get tired of waiting and bounce from your site to someone else’s. Page load time also affects your rankings, which means poor page speed will cause your rankings to take a hit. 

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