Local SEO for Law Firms 

Law firms want to make money, just like everyone else in the world. You like your job and you like helping people, but you still want to get paid for the work you do. Making money means you must have clients, but how do you get clients?

There are a number of ways. One, someone who knows you might refer a friend to you. Two, a person might drive by your office and stop in. There are many other ways you might secure a client, but the main way is online. Most people who are looking for a lawyer are going to do so online.

That means that local SEO for law firms is more important than ever. Your business will likely suffer if you aren’t appearing in local and map search results.

How Does Local Search Work?

Local search works in the way you probably think it does. A person enters keywords into a search engine, and a list of results comes up related to their search. For instance, a person might enter, “New Orleans family lawyer.” The person then scrolls through the list to find the lawyer they feel matches their needs. 

In order for your firm to appear in the person’s search, you usually must have landing pages that match the person’s search criteria. Because there are many other lawyers out there who probably also match the searcher’s criteria, your website and landing pages need to have other factors that set them apart, from content that converts to outstanding photography

For instance, you need to have a website with high traffic. Your website should have high domain authority, meaning it’s associated with other reputable websites. Your website should be user-friendly and appealing so that potential leads don’t bounce. Your landing pages should have optimized keywords, so that Google knows what your page is all about.

Speak with a Law Firm SEO Specialist Near You

You can see that local SEO for law firms is important if you want to grow your business. Leads can be generated through organic rankings, and these types of rankings will typically cost you less than paid advertising. An SEO company can help increase your website’s presence online, getting you the business you need.

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