Target Keyword Landing Pages

Your homepage is for BRANDING and your inner pages are for RANKING.

What does that mean?

Many law firms want their website’s homepage on the first page of Google for ALL their favorite keywords.

This is erroneous thinking.

Google will never rank a single page for more than a fixed number of keywords. The reason being, Google wants to show its users the most specific, most relevant page to their search. A homepage will simply never be the most relevant for hundreds of different searches.

What’s the answer?

Introducing Target Keyword Landing Pages by ApricotLaw

Target Keyword Landing Pages are web pages specifically created for 1 to 3 keywords you’d like to rank for.

The only way we’ve been able to consistently rank each of our Platinum Clients for hundreds of Lawyer searches, is by publishing hundreds of Target Keyword Landing Pages on their websites.

Without webpages properly optimized for specific keywords, you are leaving your Google placement to chance.

And, having a handful of Practice Area pages will not cut it.

Each Target Keyword Landing Page is another entry point for great clients to find your website. The only question is, how many entry points would you like?

Here’s exactly what you will get with Target Keyword Landing Pages.

  • You will get new pages published on your website to target your most valuable keywords. This way, when someone searches for a specific type of attorney or legal need, you will be there with the perfect landing page.
  • Each Target Keyword Page will contain text and image(s) that are perfectly optimized for specific search phrases. We will also embed a relevant video if you have an existing one on your YouTube channel. These features will tell Google that your page is about your Target Keywords so it can index you properly.
  • Your Target Keyword Landing Pages will be published on your site in perfect Silo fashion. This Website Architecture has been proven to show Google that you are the authority in your chosen practice area. This Silo structure has always ranked better than traditional on-page publishing.
  • If someone is searching for a lawyer to help them with a specific problem, you’ll be ready with a Target Keyword Landing Page just for them. This means you will be casting a much wider net for your dream clients and cases.

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You will get a custom website SEO audit and market analysis video created just for you. Then we can discuss your goals and needs with regards to Target Keyword Landing Pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you publish these on my site or will I have to do the work? We publish all of your pages for you, so you do not have to lift a finger. You can read and approve the content first if you like. 1 out of 10 clients prefer to approve all content before it gets published, and this if perfectly fine with us.

Are videos included with Target Keyword Landing Pages? No, we do not create new videos for your TKLP’s. If you have an existing video that is relevant to the content, we will add it to the TKLP.

Are images included with Target Keyword Landing Pages? Yes. Each TKLP will come with a royalty free image that you can legally use on your website. Each image will be perfectly optimized for the target keyword of the TKLP.

Will you perform the keyword research for us? Yes. If you are not sure which keywords to target with your TKLP’s, we will perform the keyword research for you and uncover valuable search phrases you should be targeting. We will have to speak with you first, either way, to ensure we are looking for the keywords that will attract your ideal client or case.

Do you have samples of Target Keyword Landing Pages before we purchase? Absolutely, we have thousands we can show you. During your phone conversation with one of ApricotLaw’s Co-Founders, we can show you a few that are most relevant to your area of practice.

How much does this cost? Unfortunately, we must perform a custom website audit and market analysis for you before discussing price. Call us today so we can get the conversation rolling.

How do I get started?

Call us today to speak with an ApricotLaw marketing analyst. You will get a custom website audit and market analysis created just for you. Then we can discuss your goals and needs with regards to Target Keyword Landing Pages. Law Firm search engine optimization FAQ’s here.

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