Retargeting for Law Firms

Retargeting Ads for Law Firms

What is retargeting?
Retargeting is a form of online advertising that targets potential clients based on their previous Internet actions. Since only about 3% of law firm website visitors convert on the first visit, we make sure your ads pop up wherever they go online after leaving your website.

Why is retargeting so powerful?
Retargeting generates leads by keeping your law firm in front of your prospects in the first 30-90 days after visiting your website, because this is when they need you most and are most likely to call you.

Typical retargeting scenario

  1. A potential client visits your website and leaves without calling you
  2. They continue surfing the web (for anything: research, shopping, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) and see your retargeting ads
  3. Your law firm gains traction and name recognition
  4. They eventually click on your ad to go back to your website
  5. You get the lead

Outshine your competition
The law firm that cuts through the noise and stays visible will get the most leads. By specifically targeting previous website visitors you reinforce your law firm brand, over and over, until you’re the firm they think of when they’re ready to pick up the phone. That’s priceless.

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