Jun 10, 2015

The Biggest Challenge for Reputable Personal Injury Firms… Ambulance Chasers!

When you went to law school, did you imagine that you’d be competing for business with unscrupulous attorneys who try to scoop up clients when they’re most vulnerable?

If you’re like most ethical lawyers, you didn’t.

You recognize the value in the services you provide and you know that people who need you will recognize it too.

You don’t need to buy names from insurance companies or wait outside emergency rooms for tearful family members. You don’t need to hound prospective clients who don’t even know who you are while they’re trying to recover from their injuries.

That’s because you’re not an ambulance chaser.

Unfortunately, these “ambulance chasers” pose an enormous threat to your reputable personal injury firm (as you are probably aware)  – and it’s not only because they’re waiting like parasites to latch onto clients before they realize what’s going on.

Why Ambulance Chasers Are a Threat to Your Firm

Let’s face it: people rank personal injury lawyers among the least trustworthy people to have passed the Bar. Personal injury lawyers bear the brunt of hundreds of cringe-worthy jokes.

According to the American Bar Association, Americans have said that lawyers are “greedy, manipulative and corrupt.”


Lawyers who employ underhanded techniques are the ones that shape public perception of this all-important practice area.

They make the most noise and they’re the most talked-about because there are endless stories of phone calls to hospitals, incessant letters and even harassment.

There are dozens of online forums with complaints (such as this one and this one) from injured parties who are, frankly, tired of being harassed by ambulance chasers.

They give personal injury lawyers a bad name.

How to Beat Ambulance Chasers to the Scene?

The only way to beat these scoundrels is by educating the public. You must let them know, repeatedly, that there is a huge difference between reputable firms and ambulance chasers.

Luckily, every single person, whether they are injured or able-bodied, carries a powerful device with them everywhere they go.

Their iPhones and Androids!

And that is your way in.

Whether they receive unsolicited calls immediately following their accident or not (odds are they do), every person will at some point open their mobile web browser and search for help.

Is your website there to answer their questions and call for help?

If not, you are missing out big time.

Don’t sit on the sidelines with this one. This is the one way to outsmart and outmaneuver Ambulance Chasers. This is the only way to beat them to the punch… to get to victims before they do.

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