Jan 23, 2015

What is the New PageRank?

Google’s PageRank has long been the single metric people looked at to see how authoritative any webpage was.

An entire link building industry revolved around this single number.

Based on a scale from N/A to 10, the higher the number, the more valuable a link on the webpage was.

The reason being, the higher the number, the higher it would move your website up in Google’s results.

Google must not have liked the way things were going because they recently decided to stop showing this figure to the public.

Even when it was shown to the public, it was updated so rarely that PageRank was not an accurate figure to rely upon.

The new metric is updated monthly and accurately gauges the authority of any webpage.

We now have a single number from 1 to 100 that will tell us, accurately and reliably, how powerful any link is.  It simplifies SEO.

After analyzing hundreds of law firm websites, I have come to love this metric.  Everything in SEO revolves around it.

So if you would like more people to find your law firm online, watch our latest 3 Minute #LawyerSEOTips Video.  Learn to focus on this metric whenever making SEO decisions for your firm.

To download your own copy of the Lawyer SEO Cheat Sheet mentioned at the end of the video click here.

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