Jun 20, 2019

Are Directory Listings Important for Law Firms?

Whether you are with a law firm that’s just starting out, or you are a seasoned lawyer looking to boost your marketing efforts, you might be wondering whether legal directories will help to grow your business.

Online directory listings are websites that collect business information to make it easier for someone to find a business they’re looking for, and to compare businesses’ basic information to see which one will meet the potential client’s needs. There are many different types of directories but generally the most helpful are ones that are industry-specific.

For example, legal directories are going to be most helpful for law firms. There are even directories that further break down the listings into practice areas, such as personal injury, bankruptcy, family law, or criminal defense. Directory listings are very helpful for law firms, but the trick is in finding the right ones.

Finding the Right Listings to Help You Build Your Website and Firm

Why would you even want to advertise or list your business on another website? Can’t you just create your own law firm website and people can find you that way? Unfortunately, people can’t just stroll by your online law firm like they can in the real world; they have to be led there.

One of the ways a potential client can stroll into your law firm’s website is if you’re listed on the correct directories. There are some directories that have authority, which means that people trust them and will be more likely to hire a lawyer who is listed on that directory.

For instance, Avvo, Lawyer.com, and FindLaw are a few popular and well-known directories. If you’re listed with these directories, your chances are better at obtaining and retaining clients.

What Else Can a Legal Directory Listing Do for You?

Recently, directories do more for you than just listing your business’ profile. You can even get clients to review your law firm, which can help to bring in more and better business for you.

Additionally, you can sometimes answer questions on directories and engage with potential clients in many other ways. Links back to your site from legitimate high-authority sites are going to improve your attorney brand, your authority, and your website SEO.

Get in Touch With a Law Firm SEO Company You Can Count On

As you can see, legal directory listings can be very important to your SEO efforts and to your legal practice’s business in general. Figuring out which directories will help you rather than hurt you isn’t an easy thing to do. Many law firms are too focused on their clients to spend the time researching legal directories.

You might want to hire a company that can handle that for you. ApricotLaw, a top law firm SEO company, will use various strategies to get your law firm’s website to the top of the rankings mountain. We will also ensure that you receive traffic and leads in other ways, as well. Call 212-202-3214 to talk to a law firm SEO expert at our office.

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