Jun 24, 2019

Finding the Right Call to Action for Your Law Firm Website 

When you set up your law firm, you probably knew you would need to create a website to help people find you. Most attorneys know that their law firm’s website will need to contain certain kinds of information, such as a section about the firm or a results page where potential clients can read about your success.

There are many different things that should be included in your website’s content so that you can take site visitors and convert them into leads. Sure, your website should contain some useful information that addresses the concerns your potential clients are facing, but there are other content items that need to be addressed on your website, as well.

One of the most important things that must be included in your content is a call to action.

What Is a Call to Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a sentence or a line of text that tells your readers what action or steps they should take after looking at your website. If you simply provide a lot of great resources for them to browse through, but you don’t include a CTA, your potential clients may not know what to do next.

Why Is a Call to Action Important?

In the case of a law firm website, a call to action tells your readers that they can contact you to obtain the legal services you are able to provide them. The CTA is important because the people visiting your website need to know where to contact you, how to contact you, and what benefits they will receive by doing so.

How Should You Word Your CTA?

There is no one way to word a call to action, but there are several key items you should always include, and you should be specific about the action you want them to take. 

You should point to the method by which they can contact you. If you want them to call you, point out or list the phone number. If you want them to fill out a form, you can tell them where it can be found on the website.

You may want to tell them why it benefits them to reach out to your law firm. Do you offer free case reviews? Let them know in your call to action why it’s a good idea for them to get ahold of your firm sooner rather than later.

Finally, you should include the name of your firm in the CTA. Even if they don’t call you right away, the firm’s name may stick in their brain, and they may look up your firm’s name later.

Reach Out to a Law Firm SEO Company to Get Your Law Firm to the Top

A call to action is an important bit of content that should be included on your law firm’s website. If you forget to include a CTA, your website visitors may be unclear what steps they should take next. 

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In case you didn’t notice, the above is a call to action. Snuck it right in there. We’re that good.

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