Jul 03, 2015

How Important is Website Content for Law Firms?

Most law firms view content marketing all wrong.

Yes, content is an expense – but it’s not the same type of expense as, for example, AdWords. It’s not the same type of expense as a billboard or a television commercial, either.

Those are all investments, as is website content, but you only get a return on your investment for a fixed period of time.

Your AdWords campaign will expire in 60 days. Your billboard will be up for a month. Your commercial will run for two weeks.

But content is another story.

How Should Law Firms View Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an asset that doesn’t go away. Like AdWords, billboards and television commercials, it can result in client relationships… but it doesn’t have a shelf life like other marketing mediums.

The content on your website is a constant, permanent way for you to connect with potential clients. You have the opportunity to engage people during the day, in the middle of the night, when they’re on their mobile devices and when they’re surfing the web for information on nearly any topic that ties in with your practice.

That’s different from any other medium because it has a larger – and longer – potential reach.

When you spend $1,000 on AdWords, you stop seeing the resulting website traffic as soon as the campaign ends. When you spend $2,500 on a commercial, you stop getting calls when the commercial goes off the air.

You get the picture.

The point is that you don’t stop seeing returns on your website’s content, provided that it’s good, useful content. That’s true even if you stop publishing new content. Your old content can continue to generate traffic, engage potential clients, and turn into real, tangible results when people call you to retain your services.

Could You Improve Your Content Strategy?

Google’s latest algorithm updates ensure that quality content rises to the top in the search engine results pages, and you need to start providing it before your competitors do. If you don’t, they’ll push you out of the running for the coveted top spot – and the top spot is the one that gets the vast majority of clicks.

You don’t have to do it all yourself, though. You could find an expert lawyer marketing firm to shoulder the burden so you’re free to do what matters most: grow your practice.

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