Jul 06, 2015

Internet Marketing Stats for Lawyers

If you’re an attorney, you have competition. Whether you’re up against a “do-it-all” firm in a small town or you’re battling to establish yourself among well-known, reputable firms in a big city, it’s a safe bet that there’s another lawyer or another firm who wants to take all the cases.

So how do you come out on top?

By knowing and understanding the latest Internet marketing statistics for lawyers.

What Internet Marketing Stats do Lawyers Need to Know?

There’s no shortage of Internet marketing statistics, but separating what applies to you from what applies to other businesses is tough. Here’s the breakdown for lawyers:

  1. The average ROI on email marketing is $44.25 for every $1 spent. You just need to know what to send – and when to send it – in order to bring in business.
  2. Companies that blog get 97 percent more links to their websites. When you publish content that engages your readers, they’ll link back to you – and that’s an essential part of ranking highly in the search engine results pages, or SERPs.
  3. By 2017, video will dominate consumer Internet traffic, making up nearly 70 percent of it. We all know video is extremely engaging, and that’s because it adds a human touch. Internet users are steadily shifting toward mobile platforms, and it’s tough to find a phone that won’t play video online these days.
  4. Within 5 years, consumers will most likely have 85 percent of their interactions with a business without even interacting with a human. Only the remaining 15 percent will be the in-person, face-to-face contact we’re all accustomed to now.

How Do These Internet Marketing Stats Apply to Attorneys?

These statistics lay out a roadmap for your success. As the entire population shifts toward digital interaction, it’s important that you know how to give your online presence a “human” touch. You have to adapt to what consumers want, and while listing your firm’s accomplishments and accolades on a website was good enough in 2005, it’s not now… and that means changing the way you present your firm online.

“What is My Law Firm Doing Wrong?”

If you’ve been busy growing your practice and focusing on your cases, you’re not alone. Fewer than 37 percent of businesses have a modern, adaptable Internet marketing strategy.

Let us evaluate your online presence. All you need to do is claim your free website audit video from ApricotLaw and we’ll tell you what you’re doing right, what’s okay and what’s standing in the way of your success.

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