Jul 07, 2015

What Lawyers Need to Know About Google’s Knowledge Graph

Google has trained its crawlers to follow certain algorithms so that they can deliver high-quality, targeted search results. They’re also building a huge database of knowledge filled with facts collected from all over the Internet – and they use what’s called the Knowledge Graph to share it.

Knowledge Graph

What Does Google’s Knowledge Graph Have to Do with Lawyers?

When someone searches for your firm’s name, Google will deliver the knowledge graph to the right of the search results. It’s convenient, because it shows the firm’s address, photos associated with the firm and even your hours – and it gives searchers the option to read Google reviews, check out your social profiles and get directions to your office.

The Knowledge Graph is the first impression many people have of your brand – and it might be in your best interest to do what you can to make that the right impression.

What’s the Downside of the Knowledge Graph?

The Knowledge Graph can also show your competitors. There’s a group of panels that says “People also search for,” and unfortunately, sometimes that includes the firm (or firms) you’re trying to beat in the search engine results.

What Can Lawyers Do About the Knowledge Graph?

Google pulls information about your firm from several places around the web – and that includes your own website, your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and your Wikipedia page (if you’re “notable” enough to have one).

Staying active on social media, as well as keeping a freshly stocked blog, can help influence the information that Google shows on the Knowledge Graph that comes up for your firm. So can ensuring that your Google My Business listing is complete and accurate.

Of course, you need to make sure that when people do visit your website they’re rewarded with quality content that answers their questions. If you’re not sure that your marketing efforts (including your Internet presence) are up to par, claim your free website audit video from us. We’ll be happy to use our expertise to show you where improvements could make a huge difference for your firm.

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