Jul 08, 2015

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a program that lets website owners and managers track traffic data about their websites. Using a snippet of JavaScript code that developers can build right into your website, Analytics helps you see important user data on people who visit your website; that’s often helpful when you need to determine what improvements to make to your site.

What Does Google Analytics Show?

Google Analytics shows site owners and managers:

  • Traffic sources
  • The types of browsers and operating systems your users use
  • Where your users are located
  • How old your visitors are
  • How engaged your visitors are
  • How many times users view your videos
  • Conversion levels
  • Site performance, including Site Speed
  • Keyword searches that bring you up in search engine results pages
  • The number of pages each visitor sees
  • The average length of a visit
  • How quickly visitors leave without interacting with other pages
  • Pay-per-click ad data

Google Analytics is currently the most widely used analytics service available. You can choose to view your data by date, which allows you to track how effective changes have been, and you can view overviews of all your data. Need help? Call ApricotLaw.

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