Nov 15, 2019

Legal SEO Costs: What Are You Really Paying For? 

Law firms spend a lot of money to run their businesses. The trick is to minimize your costs as much as possible. To do that, you need to know which services you really need to run your business. If you are paying for an search engine optimization (SEO) company to help you market your law firm business, you may be unsure about where your money is going.

Your law firm SEO company handles a lot of marketing and other tasks for you. For instance, they may run your website, handle your social media accounts, handle PPC, write your website’s content, and handle your SEO efforts. 

That’s a lot of tasks your company handles for you. It takes a lot of professionals to take care of all of your internet marketing for you. Your SEO company has law firm website designer, developers, professional writers, social media managers, and more—all working for you.

Where Does Your Internet Marketing Budget Go?

It’s wise to keep track of your money. You won’t have a strong, growing business if you don’t keep a careful budget. Here’s where your money is going when you pay an SEO company to handle your internet marketing.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

You will likely be getting some online advertising in your internet marketing plan. Part of your budget will go to the ads themselves. SEO companies often have a PPC manager who handles your PPC budget and advertising goals. You won’t have to worry about online advertising because your internet marketing company is handling that on your behalf.

Professional Writers

You aren’t writing your website content, social media content, newsletters, and outreach articles. The professional writers at your internet marketing company are writing those things for you. These writers have degrees in writing, and they know what they’re doing. You don’t have to write content because someone else is doing it for you.

Website Design and Development

Designing and running a website is not easy. That’s why you pay an internet marketing company to do these challenging tasks for you. The designers create a beautiful, custom website for you that helps you grow your business. They will make your firm look professional and help convert website visitors into leads.

The developers will make everything function and will fix issues when they crop up. Keeping a website up and running is something you probably don’t have time to do.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Getting your law firm to rank is one of the most challenging tasks of all. Your internet marketing company has a team of people dedicated to seeing your law firm reach the top of the search engine results pages. These team members obtain backlinks for you and constantly work on new strategies to keep your firm at the top.

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