Jul 23, 2015

[SEO Dictionary] Definition of Backlink

A backlink, which is synonymous with inlink or incoming link, is a link into a webpage or website from any other page or site.

When you’re on a website and you see a hyperlink that leads to another site, which is usually hidden behind anchor text, the site that the link leads to can consider it a backlink.

This is a backlink for the American Bar Association.

Backlinks are most helpful to websites when they come from authoritative sites that Google and the other major search engines trust. A high-quality backlink can boost your site’s rankings in the search engine results pages, or SERPs, because it shows Google that other trusted websites feel that yours has something positive to offer searchers.

Backlinks from sites that Google considers spam can be bad for your site’s online reputation. Google judges your site by the company it keeps, so backlinks from reputable sites are far more helpful to your rankings than those from disreputable sites are.

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