Jul 14, 2015

Why Every Lawyer Needs a Blog

Every lawyer needs a blog.

It’s that simple.

3 Reasons Every Lawyer Needs a Blog

A blog serves several purposes when it comes to your online presence, but what’s most important is the “human element” a blog puts forth on your website. In fact, there are three reasons every lawyer absolutely needs a blog.

  1. Blogs let you customize your client-facing message. Think of it this way: your blog is one of the first contacts a potential client has with you. Sure, they’ll see your website and see that you’ve successfully represented people in situations similar to theirs – but they want to see that you’re a real human being and that their case won’t be lost in the shuffle of a huge corporate pile of paperwork.
  2. Blogs feed search engines. When Google, Bing and Yahoo realize that you frequently update your website through your blog, they keep coming back to find out what’s new. A site that you update frequently will get more attention from search engines than a site that hasn’t been touched since the last time you changed your design – and the more content you have, the better. Search engines will see that you have plenty of valuable information to offer searchers, and they’ll be more likely to deliver it to people who need your services.
  3. Other lawyers are already blogging, and if you’re not, they’re leaving you in the dust. It’s not that any lawyer can expect his or her blog to rank on a national level, although that does happen. It’s that the other lawyers in town are already blogging, and that means they have a head start on you. Even if another attorney is blogging sporadically, once every couple of months, his or her site is updated more frequently than yours is – and Google knows it.

Does Every Lawyer Really Need a Blog?

Even if you’re in a small town and you’re the only attorney for miles, it’s important that you hop on the blogging bandwagon as soon as possible. Google has been indicating that it favors frequently updated sites for more than a decade, and the sooner you get to it, the better. Most attorneys aren’t in the middle of nowhere, and it’s common knowledge that the top result in search engines gets the most clicks… so by not blogging, you could be costing yourself more money in missed opportunities than you think.

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